Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 292

“So, you met Ahin?”

As soon as the class began, Ferdel tilted his head. I nodded with a somewhat disapproving look. I still felt awkward when I thought about it. It’s great that he’s so young and handsome, but how could I fall for such a little kid…This was enough to give me a mental breakdown! I could already feel them slapping a pair of handcuffs on me!

Ferdel smiled as if he didn’t know that I was in pain.

“It appears the twins already introduced him to you. They must really like him.”

“Yes, they listen to him very well.”

I pouted my lips, handing in my mythical book report for my last homework.

In my response, Ferdel tilted his head. He wondered why my attitude was so cold, but I never meant to tell him. How could I say to him that my heart fluttered because of that little boy! No matter how young I might appear outside, I never thought kids would be a part of my consideration. He’s just too young! Oh, the world was going crazy.

“Ahin is my older sister’s son.”

“I know that.”

When I nodded, Ferdel smiled.

“Really? Then, did you know he was the next in line as the emperor of the Northern Empire?”

Huh? What was he talking about?

As I opened my eyes wide, Ferdel smiled as if he knew that I wouldn’t know about such things. He gave such a mocking smile.

Anyway, that kid’s royalty? All rulers from S-Hertogenbosch have the Genbosch last name, but I just shrugged it off. I couldn’t believe he was really from a royal family. I kept my mouth shut in amazement, and Ferdel began to explain.

“Suhina, the holy Emperor of the North, declared that he would adopt Ahin to make him the next emperor.”


“But my sister is completely against it, and that’s why she fled here to Agrigent to stay near our family. As long as the emperor of the Northern Empire is not crazy, he won’t come all the way to Agrigent.”

Adopt Ahin as a son to make him the next emperor?

Why would he adopt someone who wasn’t even his own blood to make them into an Emperor? Other than that, why wouldn’t he come to Agrigent? What’s stopping him?

I soon realized when I tilted my head to think.

Oh, that’s right. My father’s a total mad man…