Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 291

The children, who were about to go wild, flickered their eyes at that word.

I was surprised again. Ahin calmed them down with only a few words; even Silvia couldn’t do that, nor me for that matter.

The children took Ahin out to the garden. Following that, I was thrown into a meaningless confusion. He’s good at dealing with children even if he’s a child himself.

“Hey, big brother, look at this.”

“Oh, Sanse, look at that!”

Those guys…

However, the twins acted as usual. Soon, they started running and playing around, making a mess of the garden as if they were about to turn it upside down. They just dragged Ahin around as he stopped them from getting into trouble too seriously.

Well, I gotta admit that he was really handsome. Viterbo’s two little boys also had attractive faces, but compared to them, he especially had a beautiful appearance. Though he was still young, he had this mysterious aura. I thought he would make a lot of girls cry when he grew up. His jewel-like silver-blue eyes shone clearly. As I looked at those bright eyes, I thought that I didn’t know what kind of person she might be, but the girl who would marry that boy was going to have a hard time.

However, I guessed those two boys followed him as much as they followed me. They didn’t even listen to any of their parents, but they listened to him. Ha, these guys sometimes ignored my word too!

I was upset somehow while pouting my lips, but then Ahin turned his head towards me as if he felt my gaze for a moment. Because of that, I, who was looking at him without any tension, met his eyes in the middle.


W-what should I do? Maybe I was staring at him too much?

I just looked at him because I was amazed that he was good at dealing with those children.

Did he think I was a weird stranger? I bit my lips in embarrassment, thinking that I disgraced Princess’s decency. However, suddenly, Ahin smiled at me.


Why was he smiling at me? I didn’t understand the meaning of that smile! In a moment of embarrassment, I almost flipped over even the teacup I was fiddling with my hand. Wait, wait! The real problem was that my face was heated after seeing him smile!

Wait, what was wrong with me!?