Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 290

Wait, a big brother? What were they on about?! Did those two eat something funny before they got here? They know full well that they were their family’s firstborn sons, right?

If my memory serves me right, Ferdel was the fifth in line. He was the third to marry, and also third to have children. As I recalled, Ferdel’s brother, Eteol, had a daughter. Where had this ‘big brother’ come from then?

I must have been staring at him too much because I was in agony. I guessed my eyes were a bit too much for him. He smiled a little first. Huh?

“My name is Ahin Richerun Genbosch. It’s an honor to meet you, Princess.”

Genbosch… that name’s from S-Hertogenbosch in the North.

For a moment, I remembered hearing that Ferdel’s older sister did get married in the Northern Empire. Oh, that’s right. Silvia said her sister-in-law was coming from the Northern Empire to visit them.

“My name is Ariadna Lerg Illestri Pre Agrigent. You may call me Ria.”

I was a little embarrassed because I felt like I had been disrespectful as a princess of a country. It would have been okay if he was a part of the noble family of Agrigent, but he was from a noble family of another county. My first impression would be terrible.

Ahin smiled at my greeting. His smile was so pretty, and I was surprised. H-he’s rather well-mannered.

“Hey, big brother! Isn’t Ria pretty?”

If Sanse didn’t jump in suddenly, I would have stared at him for a long time. Sweeping down my startled heart, I breathed a sigh of relief for no reason. Oh, that was a great smile.

“She’s going to be our bride someday!”

“Yes! She’ll be our bride!”

How dare these two try to claim me!? When did I ever agree to that!?

My head throbbed all of a sudden. This must have been Ferdel’s fault; It was apparent. I was agonizing with sharp eyes because of these two, but the twins wouldn’t stop being so playful around me.

Did I need to scold them in front of a stranger?

I thought I would have to show them just how harsh the princess of Agrigent could be. I was thinking about what I should do when suddenly, Ahin comforted them.

“Very well, you two, but shouldn’t you both be more calm and cool in front of your bride-to-be?”