Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 29

“I don’t agree with him with everything he has done to take the throne. It was a blatant offense that killed his father, and that’s a lot of moral turpitude. Besides, he sold off all his sisters, and he pushed all his brothers into the Rumie palace and burned them down.”

“… It was like a demon.”

Unlike the other guy biting his lips, Ferdel was smiling and protracted.

“Well, it was.”

He wasn’t just a regular guy either.

I frowned. Well, that didn’t mean he was as crazy as Papa. I was sure Dranste was a madman, but Ferdel was just an idiot, but that fool was not just a mere fool. Well, I didn’t think so.

Oh, I didn’t know what this subtle feeling meant.

“I don’t understand that either. It’s just…”

It was the first time Ferdel looked so serious. It’s a sneaking look, but it’s still amazing. I decided to relax and just be surprised.

You acted stupid, but you weren’t stupid.

For the first time, the word ‘iron blood’ seemed to suit him.

“I just think the right anger has been released so cruelly.”

However, what the hell was he talking about?

Hey, so were you saying my dad was bad or not?

“But that’s why your Majesty is who he was now. You’d better leave what has already happened.”

A grin does not contain any special feelings.

I finally got a clue as to what he was doing, why I want to swear at him for no reason. He was born to be a politician.

How could he speak so cleverly?

So, Ferdel, if he looked at his logic right now, that’s what it was.

He’s a bad guy, but he’s got a reason

Of course, that’s not right, but I didn’t get anything from touching it.

I wouldn’t bother him about it, I should stop here.

… Look at this guy.

It was a complete one step in-one step out speech. It’s not on anyone’s side, it’s neutral, but it’s a magic trick that made the audience feel friendly by taking sides with each other a little while listening to it.

He was a scary guy, too, that one.

“But the six princes, who deserved to be killed most, escaped from the palace and had been dying for a chance somewhere.”

“Yes, there was that, too.”

I heard that worm has a knack of rolling, he had good ability to roll because he was stupid. Oh, yeah, he was the one who played with my father. Yeah, I thought I knew now. That’s why they were friends. That’s why he could make fun of my dad and live.

He said he was in full control of the situation from behind, and now that remark never sounded ridiculous.

“He cruelly killed the rest of his brothers because 6th one escaped..”

Oh, there was a prince who ran away.

It was also the first time I had heard it.

Then the prince was now preparing for a rebellion and attacking my father?

I didn’t know what it was, but I’m sure it’ll be a hell of a blood blow.

I wish it could just go quietly without it.

Oh, I couldn’t help but sigh. I wanted to be born in a normal family, but how did I get born in a fucking screw-up family? My fate was also very ironic.

“It wasn’t good in many ways.”

Ferdel said and patted his chin.

“This is the murder he committed at nineteen. Your Majesty’s age is twenty-six years old, and that’s already seven years ago. Time flies.”

It was even more surprising that he was nineteen, but the people of this country seemed to have very different standards.

By the way, it’s only been a while since he was crowned?

Oh, that’s right. It took three years to rise to the throne and end the civil war, and then another four years to wipe out the neighboring country attacking Agregiant.

Come to think of it, it’s a history of blood.

This whole thing was new.

“You didn’t forget that the remnants were still in the palace, did you? In times like this, it’s better to show mercy to them…”

Then why was he playing with Ferdel? He had been saying the same thing over and over again like a broken radio. I didn’t think he is the type of person who would catch a sword. Then was it a civil servant?

“That’s good too.”

Ferdel smiled. The other nobleman’s expression lit up for a moment, thinking Ferdel was responding to his words, but before he could even express his excitement, Ferdel spoke.

“But it’s only good to hear.”

That was it.

Somehow I felt like he was no match for Ferdel.

Oh, yawning.

I didn’t know the time was passing because it was fun to hear that. Besides, I could understand that while I was crawling because they were slowly walking. Of course, it was suitable to hide in the grass.

However, where is my toy? My toy!

“They still talk a lot because of the princess these days. Your Majesty seems changed, and now he seems like a human. It’s not bad to try to reform his image at a time like this.”

I scoured the grass looking for toys, but it’s invisible.

‘Ugh, did anyone see my red, round-shaped toy? It’s yellow and red. There are three swords and lions like this. It’s engraved with an arm of the house of Agegiant, and all the arms of the country’s major families are there. Oh, that’s what I liked the most!’

“There are many people who said he adores the princess so much.”

“Oh, I heard that, too.”

“Even foreign media are saying Your Majesty has changed. It doesn’t look bad to save this opportunity.”

Fuck. My toy disappeared from my arms. Oh, I couldn’t take my toys right because it was so much fun to hear them. I had liked it in my own way. I didn’t play with it every day, but I still liked it. Tears come out.

Sob sob, this sucked. Sob, my life was over. My Toy!

“Not yet at that stage.”


“That’s not the stage.”

Stretching my lips, I looked back. Still, Ferdel and the man were talking.

Should I go to Ferdel and ask to take me to Serira?

Oh, but I was still not good at human speech, but I’m not confident to go home alone. This temple was a garden that’s so much larger than I thought.

“Torino, I know what you’re worried about.”

I was thinking about going out, and at the moment, Ferdel laughed.

It was a faint smile, but I could recognize it. That smile at the moment was sincere.

“Whatever you are thinking is too early.”

Yeah, I think it’s too early to trust you too.

Suddenly, the last week came to mind. Ferdel was kicked out of the office for one month because he held my hand behind my father’s back. He tried to escape to the terrace so he wouldn’t be caught holding my hand, but my ghostly daddy caught him right away.

I couldn’t stop him anyway.

“By the way, isn’t the princess pretty?”

“Yes? Yes.”

Oh, yeah? Then why were you making headlines with me?

When Ferdel asked with a smiling face, even the nobleman Torino nodded his head with a blush.

What, what?!

“I wanted to have a daughter.”

“Right? I wanted to have a daughter, too.”

Suddenly I remembered that famous line. That daughters were good to raise, and sons were crazy to raise. Ferdel put on a look of regret.

You’re so into my charm, this guy. You are so weird, man!

“My wife saw the princess at her birthday party, and suddenly she wants to have a daughter. Of course, I want to. How can I have a daughter?”

“How can I know that? Ah, I’ve never envied Caitel in my life for anything, but I’ve just got one.”

Ferdel touched his head with a sad face. The look on the face really looked sad, and I felt weird.

Wait, that one thing you envied was me? No way.

“Is that daughter?”

“Yes, but when I saw the princess close up, she was so cute.”

… ‘no way’ betrays people. It could kill people! It’s a bad kid who gave fake hope! I shouldn’t have believed you!

Ferdel was stupid. When my story came out, he smiled with an unraveling face and told the story of last week.

Oh, that idiot.

“Her cheeks are so soft. Ha, she is a real living doll. Doll!”

Oh, really? Was I that pretty?

I grabbed my cheek. You have good taste. Yeah, I was a bit of a doll. Hehe, got praised. They said I was pretty!

“But she just looks like Caitel. Yeah, he’s gorgeous, he’s better than most girls. It’s fucked.”

Why did that sound like a curse?

Ferdel was tearing his hair and turning casually with a sigh, but the problem was that I was where he looked. I was sticking my head out before I got caught literally.

My goodness!


The nobleman in front of me didn’t seem to have noticed me yet.

Ferdel blinked his eyes at high speedily then he rubbed his eyes.

You didn’t have to. You were right in front of what you were looking at.

I laughed first to break this awkward mood in the end.

Happy, energetic, beautiful!


“Uh, Princess…”

I guess he knew I was a human, not a doll. I’m afraid Ferdel’s eyes had gotten so big they might pop out like that.

What’s wrong with him?

“The princess remembers me!”

I felt like a church-master who met some fan. What’s with this furious reaction. It made me feel weird to see a man screaming with joy.

Eh? Eh?

“Oh, this isn’t it.”

Yeah, that’s not it. I just regretted pretending to know you.

Ferdel came right up and sat down in front of me. He looked at me, his face dripping with laughter.

“What’s the princess doing here?”

Stop asking. I didn’t know either.

Stop asking a lady about that, you.

His eyes lifted and he smiled as soon as I tried to fumble with a look on my face, “I don’t know anything.”

He was being seduced, but wasn’t he dangerous? Should I have not called his name?

Now I was afraid. I started a deep internal conflict inside me, and at that moment, Ferdel’s eyes glistened.

“Wow, princess.”

He held me as I am.

Huh? Huh?

The posture was quite good.

Had he held a lot of children before? Was he experienced in taking care of children?

No, this wasn’t the problem. He looked at me and smiled. I felt a chill in that smile.

“Would you like to hang out with a humble postman for a moment?”

… Could I go home safely?