Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 288

Chapter 288: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 288

More time has gone by, and the season of Agrigent has passed the summer and now almost autumn.

Wow, time goes by so quickly…

Perhaps maybe because it’s Caitel’s birthday soon, I could feel that the palace is loud and crowded these days. Of course, the whole country was already excited because Aclys rising soon.

It’s a bright daytime like this, but the moon is up in the sky cutting through the sunshine.

I looked up at the sky and inadvertently sighed at the atmosphere of the great moon that filled the sky. Is this the third time I’ve seen that moon? I feel fresh every three years when this huge moon rises.

At first, it was just amazing, but now it’s like… The moon seems to want to tell me. That this is a completely different place from where I used to live. And now this is my world.

“Princess, I’m engaged!”


I was drinking fresh fruit juice, but suddenly I heard something and I slipped my chin from my hand.

What did I just hear?

Elyne smiles shyly as she holds me. The smile came into my eyes for a moment.

“We’ll be getting married soon.”


I mean, you have a guy? Ah, is it Hasin? I knew you two were getting friendly, but you’re already at that stage? I was just so confused, but Elyne kept being shy, touching her blushed cheek. I frowned.

“Who are you getting married to? Hasin?”

“Yes, Princess. You will give us your blessing, won’t you?”

I mean…I should be congratulating her earnestly.

“Of course I should give you my blessing, but isn’t this too earl…”

“Congratulations, Elyne.”

Serira cuts my words and pats Elyne’s head. Elyne’s face instantly got bright to Serira’s congratulations. Even Serira looks down at Elyne with a proud face.

“Thank you, Lady Serira.”

At that moment, Elyne smiles so brightly. She seemed so happy.

At her smile, all my complaints went back to my throat. I mean, she’s so happy about it, I’m not the one who should say any complaints. What am I? Wait, why am I so disappointed by the fact that Elyne is getting married anyway? Hasin is a good man. Seriously, I really think he is. So why do I feel this way…No, that’s not the problem.

“So you are finally getting married. I’ve always been so worried about whether you’d be able to.”

“Gosh, Lady Serira!”

…I don’t want us to be apart.