Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 287

Chapter 287: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 287

Assisi immediately lowered his head with a somber look. I couldn’t figure out what to say.

Oh, seriously, this guy… when I began to feel familiar with him, one by one, I found new sides of him. It’s more surprising now than embarrassing. How could he think that my hand would pop like a balloon when he put too much power into his hand?

“My hands aren’t that weak, Assisi. It’s okay for you to hold them.”

“Well, but…”

What did he mean but? No more buts!

I couldn’t help it. If he kept acting like this, I would have my thoughts too! I suddenly grasped Assisi’s big hand, which came into my hand. His hands were, at least, twice as big as mine, perhaps because they were adults’ hands, so I couldn’t see my hands when Assisi held it.

He had a handsome face, but Assisi’s hands were really rough.

Maybe it’s because he used a sword a lot? Caitel’s hands were not very soft, but Assisi’s hands were tougher than that.

“Here, you just have to hold it like this. Just this much, okay?”

I stretched out my hand and held Assisi’s hand tightly again, and he flinched. Every time I put strength into my hands, Assisi wouldn’t act like usual.

What, it felt like I was bothering him! Oh, my God, he’s the only one who got upset by holding hands; what an idiot! I was going crazy. What was I supposed to do with him?

“Okay? Just hold it like this. Understand?”

“All right… I understand.”

Upon hearing my urging, Assisi slightly tightened his hand. The touch of his big hand that was wrapped around my hand made me smile without even realizing it. It’s tough to hold his hands. Who knew it’d be so hard to just hold hands with some? However, it’s so cute how nervous Assisi was about something as simple as this…

I couldn’t believe that I thought this was cute. I was insane too.

“Why are you smiling?”

He seemed to be wondering why I laughed. I gladly smiled more brightly.

“Because Assisi is so cute.”


Upon hearing my reply, Assisi’s face heated up in an instant. I smiled at him again while waving our hands together.

“There, there. That’s my good little knight.”

Assisi frowned upon hearing my words. He seemed to be ashamed to be treated like a child.

However, I had no plans of stopping now! I liked Assisi even when he’s sulking.

I was a helpless mean girl. I shook our held hands.

“Come on, let’s go!”