Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 284

“I guess you came here with death today. Just answer me.”

In my bloody response, Dranste quickly added more words behind.

“If you can guess correctly one thing about me, I’ll tell you something nice. For example….”

Dranste lowered his voice. I held my breath unconsciously because of his rather serious appearance.

“How about stories from when Caitel was your age?”

“Done deal!”

What a lucky chance! This was even better!

I agreed immediately. I mean, this was about my dad’s childhood story.

His words enthralled me since he said that he would tell me the story of my dad’s childhood, which was impossible for me to hear. He would not lie about this, are you? Dranste smiled proudly upon seeing my suspicious eyes. Ugh, he looked like a fine young man who would never lie. What a waste of a good face!

I was thinking about what would be left of him without his beauty, and Dranste suddenly smiled. His smile, which seemed like he was planning something, naturally made me frown with an ominous premonition. As expected, Dranste spoke sneakily.

“Good, but if you lose…”

If I lost, then what?

“You’ll have to marry me.”

“No, thanks!!!”

He had been bugging me about marriage ever since I was a baby.

Was he still not giving up about that? He was too persistent.

Whether I agreed to it or no, Dranste already began talking about a definite plan about how we would have a wedding if I lost. I was seriously considering throwing the teacup in my hand at him, but Dranste’s expression suddenly changed. Then he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

… bastard.

“What have you been doing, Princess?”

“Huh? Oh…”

I almost threw the teacup I was holding upon hearing the sudden voice of Asissi.

I see it now. I wondered why he disappeared so suddenly, and it was because Asissi returned. He sure didn’t linger whenever Assisi showed up. I was a bit embarrassed, hating him so much that I coughed for nothing. Asissi looked a bit confused. I just smiled awkwardly without a word. I didn’t think he’d really like it if I said that I was with Dranste.

“I was just hanging around. Are you back from training?”

“Yes, I have returned.”

Assisi was on his way back from a two-week training session of the Winter Moon Knights. Although he was my personal guard, Assisi said he had to participate in the critical training. Sometimes he had to leave me alone like he did today.