Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 280

Meanwhile, Silvia looked at Valer and Sanse with proud eyes. Caitel’s eyes were on Sanse, who stood behind Valer. Sanse, who had been restless for a while, was wary of my father. Then the eyes of the two met.


Shouldn’t I—or someone—stop it?

It wasn’t like my dad was intimidating or angry, but Sanse quickly began to tear up. I thought he would cry soon. Well, of course, it’s normal for kids to be like that when they looked at Caitel, but this was a bit too much.


At that moment, Sanse let go of the hem of Silvia’s dress from his hand and ran to Ferdel. Ferdel hugged him in his arms as he ran toward him with tears hanging in his eyes. Sanse put his face on Ferdel’s arms and rubbed his tearful face. That was so cute, even for me.

Oh, that murderous cuteness. I guessed that’s the joy of raising sons.

While I was getting to know the light fun of raising a child, my dad, who was staring at them, suddenly grabbed me.

“Try crying.”

‘What, you bastard?’

I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe this. Oh, this crazy man. Did he feel like he was losing or something because Sanse’s crying in his father’s arms? This was so ridiculous!


However, I was the most ridiculous one here. Haha, I had lost my mind because of my father here.

If he told me to cry, I guessed I had to cry for him!

Haa… it’s a tough job catering to my insane father’s whims all the time.

However, I guessed this pretense of crying did not seem to be what Caitel wanted. He looked down at me with a displeased look on his face.

W-what is it?!

I immediately stopped crying.

He was the one who made me do this! He shouldn’t complain! However, why was I doing this, anyway? Well, I supposed I was to blame too since I gave in…aaaah! I suddenly felt so humiliated now that I realized what I just did! It felt like…just…I wished I could crawl away and hide somewhere!

“Look at here, everyone! Aren’t my sons so adorable? They never seem to listen, and I, for one, have no clue where they get that from, but I can’t help but forgive them when they come running up to me, shouting daddy, even after all the trouble they’ve caused!”

I guessed Ferdel still hadn’t learned how to read the mood.