Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 278

Chapter 278: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 278

Once we were sympathetic to each other’s grief, Sanse glanced out of the rustling dress room.


Sanse walked out of the dressing room while showing a frown. However, on the other hand, Valer walked out of the dressing room and showed himself proudly.

“Mom! Ria! Look what we did!”

The moment I checked the two of them, I almost spat out the cookies I was eating.

Oh, I thought I was going crazy. What the hell was that?

“Here, what do you think? Our maids have done their best!”

Elyne, who finished decorating the twins, proudly pushed them forward. Unlike me, who was frightened, Silvia smiled brightly and looked down proudly at her two daughters… no, her sons dressed as girls.

I was dying to hold my laugh next to her. No, what the hell were these guys wearing? I was going insane, seriously.

“D-don’t laugh!”

Shamefully, Sanse scenery blushed and shouted. Wearing my dress and wigs, the two little boys were changed entirely as girls.

“Lia, what do you think? Aren’t I pretty?”

It seemed for Valer, he enjoyed and felt okay with wearing a woman’s clothes, unlike Sanse, who kept hiding with shame. I also laughed when I saw Valer. He still looked like a boy, although he’s wearing a dress because his real hair and wig were almost falling off. Was this guy supposed to be a lady or a bandit?

Sanse’s so quiet, he sort of did pass for a girl… but Valer, he truly was a boy no matter how hard I tried to imagine it.

“Thank you so much, Serira. My daughters look absolutely beautiful. Thanks to you.”

“Oh, I enjoyed myself quite a bit too.”

Valer kept fiddling with the headdress that held the wig. Sanse was just on the verge of tears while clinging to Silvia.

That’s what they got for always causing so much trouble! This was a punishment given to twins by Silvia. She wouldn’t punish you like this unless you two were misbehaving at the family gathering. Really, she sure was a tough one to punish them like that. Oh, I laughed so hard that my cheeks started to redden so hard that I thought I was choking.

“Shall we go pay a visit to your father now?”

The reaction of the twins was sharply divided after hearing Silvia’s words. Sanse grabbed the cloth of Sil’s dress and shook his head desperately. However, Valer…

“Oh, yeah! Let’s go, hurry up and go!”

Of course, I raised my hand right away.

I was not missing out on a show like this!

“I’d like to go too!”