Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 276

That’s something I could go through even if I was not a princess, Ferdel.

“There will be several people who will want to use you. Therefore, you must be kind to everyone yet never forget to also be firm.”

“Be kind yet firm with everyone?”

Perhaps, I guessed Ferdel’s “everyone” meant people who are lower than me in the social class. Ferdel nodded upon hearing my answer.

“Yes, princess, but if that proves too difficult, you could also find someone who will always be on your side, no matter what. Someone who does not see you like a princess, but who only thinks of you and you alone.”

It’s easy to say those words, but is it easy to find someone like that?

I had a question about what he told me, but what Ferdel said wasn’t wrong either, so I just sighed. As expected, living was hard everywhere.

“Then… are you on my side, Ferdel?”

Ferdel opened his eyes wide upon hearing my question. He didn’t expect me to ask him this directly, did he?

He swept his chin as if he was agonizing for a while and smiled at me.

Hey, what was that suspicious smirk? Huh?

“hmm… I’m not on Caitel’s side, but I will gladly be on your side, princess.”

I didn’t need his pity!

He smiled at me as if he couldn’t see my crumpled face, and suddenly, Ferdel tilted his head.

“Now that I think about it, you truly are fortunate, princess. You even have me for a teacher.”

“What’s so great about that?”

“Of course, you should feel great about it!”

“Why should I?”

I frowned as hard as I could, but Ferdel didn’t hesitate to assert himself.

“Well, because I’m rich with a prestigious background. More importantly, I am extremely handsome!”

… Sure…

Wait, I thought I heard that same thing from someone before. I asked back with a forced smile.

“You are joking, right, right? Ferdel?”

“No, I’m serious.”

Oh, my good heavens! Why was everyone around me like this?

Why couldn’t I grow up around ordinary people!?

I had so many concerns in my head. Suddenly, Ferdel looked at me with twinkling eyes. His sparkling gaze was somehow more burdensome than before.

What is with him?

“So, why don’t you try calling me master? M. A. S. T. E. R!”


Good grief. I didn’t think I could ever call him my master…