Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 275

Ferdel laughs as if he notices my complaint.

“There is nothing fair in the world. It’s natural to be tied up as much as you enjoy it.”


“You’re lucky, though. At least you won’t get married to the enemy or get tied up here for the national good.”

Ferdel was talking about the princesses of the Harem.

Well, yeah, those princesses grew up loved by their people in their own country. There have been occasional cases of returning home like Tylenia, but things hadn’t improved since other princesses came for her.

Come to think of it, why did Tylenia go back? Ever since I had a big fight with my dad a month ago, that mother and son had disappeared from my eyes without me noticing it. I thought I just couldn’t see them, but when I asked, the people said that they went back. This was a bit uncomfortable.

Did dad send them away?

However, the boy was adorable.

Something was missing, so I just shook my head. It would be tiring if I get involved with them anyway, so let’s just quit.

“Is it a good thing?”

“It is a good thing.”

Well, I knew it was a good thing, but I didn’t know how excellent it was. It’s apparent that I would be in the same position if my father or this country collapses, as all of this is not what I had achieved. And that would be what Ferdel wanted to say.

Ferdel smiled beautifully as I sighed.

“Well, life is about luck and timing.”

Hey, where the hell did he learn that? It was such an unfortunate truth for a chancellor of an Empire to say.

“You’re lucky to be born with both luck and timing.”

“Well, I’m not happy about it.”

“But that’s why you have to be more careful. Respect, love, admiration, and everything dedicated to the princess can be false.”

If I were a real child, it would have been a sound that would bring a shock like a world was collapsing, but I was just bored maybe because I had already experienced a lot of things.

Of course, it’s not easy to experience being a victim of murder.

Did he know what it felt like to be alive until the last minute of my death? It felt bizarre to reincarnate after death.

That’s something I could go through even if I was not a princess, Ferdel.