Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 274 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 274

“The princess does not kneel to anyone but the emperor. It is the same for the kings of other countries. That’s why we call the princess a member of the royal family. You’re kind of… You’re a different race from us.”

I didn’t mean to, but I frowned when I heard the matter about me being a different race from everyone else. If I were a child who didn’t know anything, I would have accepted it, but I couldn’t take Ferdel’s words that comfortably because I had already lived my past life, and I learned what it meant to be an adult during those times.

Humans were all the same. What did he mean when he said that I had a different race?

“That’s what they call social status.”

An egalitarian society was a good thing. I realized that I was once born in a perfect place, but not anymore.

“So no matter what you do or what you say, you will be overlooked unless what you did is a threat to the country’s survival. It’s worth it in a certain aspect. Also, if a noble person harms you, then that person will get executed unconditionally if it is intentional or punished if it is not intentional. You can choose what kind of punishment it will be.”

In a word, I realized that there were noblemen under my foot who reigned over 900 million people. It wasn’t as exciting as I thought.

“Everyone who lives in this land is under you, except His Majesty. That’s why you’re important. The reason why you are so protected and supported is that you have a lot of lives hanging on your shoulder, and you are responsible for them. With you, princess, we can even aim for the survival of a country.”

Only then had I realized why Ferdel explained this to me ever so thoroughly.

“That’s why the princess is so precious.”

What’s the point of smiling like that and looking down at me when he would call me precious anyway? What a jerk!

It’s confusing whether he’s sarcastic or not. Ferdel seemed happy when I would show my discomfort.

Well, people said that birds of the same feather flock together. I could see why dad was a friend of Ferdel. These guys were perverts who derived pleasure from bullying others.

“That’s why you get such privileges and such love.”

However, I couldn’t help but feel worse now that I knew something else was hidden behind such privileges and love. That’s what it’s all about, wasn’t it? Save it for later use. Was I some kind of livestock?