Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 273

“Staying by your side is what these nine billion people and 27,000 nobles want. I don’t think you know, but the princess’ maid is different from other maids. We select and pick the daughters of the ancient noble family to serve the princess. It’s not a place for everyone. You need to be more strict because it’s not an easy job to get.”

After frowning at the feeling of being scolded, I started to wonder about something concerning the continuous explanation. Wait, so did that mean…

“So Elyne’s from a noble family, too?”

“She is the second daughter of the Reteroston family, a historic Southern family.”

Oh my, no way…

Somehow I thought she was just showing off her exceptional upbringing, but I couldn’t believe there was such a secret to her birth. Wait, so it was actually natural for my Serira, a count’s wife, to be serving me. Was it not because the count’s wife became my nanny for some other reason? My brain suddenly started to get twisted.

“Then, the reason Serira is my nanny is…”


Once I got off the hook, Ferdel agreed.

“Originally, the nannies of the royal family were carefully chosen by the royal family. The practice of nanny is a kind of culture for nobles. We have a nanny on our twins, right? Necessity and use aside, it’s a kind of show of power and tradition. Of course, this job is not for everyone, but they get treated fairly.”

Ferdel added that the nannies of the imperial children provided convenience to the imperial family until they died. I finally understood it all now. Therefore, the position of being a royal nanny is an outstanding deal. That’s why Serira had to accept it. It was fortunate that the treatment was fair.

“You are surrounded by such powerful people, Princess.”

However, what’s the point of telling me about this story? I looked at Ferdel quietly. Ferdel laughed upon seeing my curious eyes. It wasn’t his usual kind of smile that seemed stupid, nor was it like the screwed smile I usually saw.

What a cold smile.

“You’ve been taught manners by the nanny, haven’t you? What did you learn?”

Even if he asked me what I learned…

“Always use informal language to people who are lower class than me. Use simple and clear commands when I am commanding people.”


“I don’t bow to anyone easily, and when I say hello, I end up with a slight bow. When I show respect, I lift my skirt a bit, but under any circumstances, I would not kneel to anyone other than the emperor.”

“Yes, great job.”

Ferdel smiled broadly as if my answer was satisfactory.