Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 272

I just looked down at the map again. It’s still small in the picture. Certainly, Agrigent was vast compared to the Central Continent. It’s wide.

“This is the total number of nobles, including fallen nobles or nobles without land. Among them, the number of prestigious nobles who have inherited titles from generation to generation will be reduced to about four thousand, and there are only seven hundred nobles above the count.”

There’s still a lot. Of course, it was a tiny number compared to the total population, but there were 4,000 influential nobles. Frankly speaking, it was terrific.

Ferdel’s eyes were on me.

“And you are the only princess of this Empire.”

Only one princess.

I felt something different when he assured me about it.

What should I say? I wanted to refute when there was nothing to refute? It was also a bit strange.

So basically, he wanted to say that, since I was the only princess of this Empire, I was precious and essential, or something like that. I was able to quickly notice what Ferdel meant by saying that because although I didn’t know how to read most of the letters in the alphabet yet. However, I have good sense. Nevertheless, I didn’t know how to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.

“All nobles kneel under your feet because you’re a princess, and everything in this land, if you want to, can move on the palm of your hands.”

“Because I’m a princess?”

Ferdel laughed upon hearing my answer. I was not happy at all, although I got the right answer.

“I heard you are kind to your maids. I heard that, although they make mistakes, you would just forgive them and move on?”

Uh, oh, how did he know about this?

I laughed vaguely because I knew that it wasn’t something that I should have done. Upon hearing my awkward laughter, Ferdel looked at me and smiled.

“It’s actually a good thing. After all, you’re considerate of the young maids.”

“Oh, really?”

“However, that kind of favor can be perceived as you being a lenient owner if you don’t play your cards well.”

Oh, I was surprised that you are complimenting me. I was making a tearful face because Ferdel was scolding me. Afterward, Ferdel pointed back to the map. What Ferdel was pointing his finger to was the territory that encompasses the broad Agrigent.