Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 271


In my previous life, I was living in a little land on the map, so it was somewhat strange that this vast land was our country. It’s extensive. It was the size of the continent.

“From here to over here used to be our territory. Well, to be precise, this was the former Emperor’s territory.”

I frowned upon hearing Ferdel’s additional explanation. It was only one-third of the territory that Ferdel pointed to now.

“That was all?”


Ferdel nodded lightly upon seeing my expression of doubt and pointed out the other part.

“And now from here to here is the Agrigent territory that His Majesty has conquered since taking the throne.”

Crazy bastard. I couldn’t help but swear. How the hell did he conquer all this land? It was impossible without proper avarice for conquest. He conquered more than double of the original territory. Also, Pretzia and Izarta are now almost our territories.

He was so damn wealthy. I was the daughter of such a rich family.

“Amazing, isn’t it? It’s a real achievement. Your Majesty did it on his own.”

I knew that man was scary…

I was also afraid of Ferdel, who explained it casually, but whether I was scared or not, Ferdel wouldn’t stop saying what he was saying.

“And you are the only daughter of that Emperor.”

I looked down on the map for no reason. I was speechless about the area of land that came into my eyes. I mean, the country next door was so small, but why was our country so big?

“The only princess in such a wide empire.”

Something was calming about the ripples. I felt emotional, but I answered by just frowning. Ferdel smiled. His smile was very meaningful.

“The population of the Central Continent is 16 billion, and the total number of people living in this empire is 9 billion. There are so many people living on this small-looking land.”

I didn’t know if it’s too much or too little. I just admired how many people lived on this land. Ferdel laughed.

“And 0.03 percent of them, only 27,000 are called noble class.”

“There are that many nobles in this Empire?”

27,000 nobles? I couldn’t believe that. I thought there would be only a few hundred, but were there that many? When I asked again with my eyes wide open, Ferdel asked back leisurely.

“Wouldn’t it be less than this vast land?”

I, is that so?