Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 270

“All right! Starting today I shall be in charge of your education. And my title is simply amazing! I’ll be your tutor! Tutor Ferdel!”

Where on earth did it go wrong? I stared at the man sitting in front of me. I also knew that I had to study at a higher level, not at the same time as my teacher, and not at the same time as writing or writing.

But wait, this isn’t right.



Ferrell nods, shining brightly in my eyes at my ridiculous response.

The twinkling eyes were unusually burdensome. I thought Abby would never take Ferdelman as my teacher, no matter how What kind of deal did the two of them make?

“Ferdel, isn’t the Chancellor busy over there?”

“It’s all right.”

Ferdel looks very fine and nods his head exaggeratedly.

” Raising the talent of the country is one of my financial jobs.”

Well, you can say it’s an open mouth anyway. You may be okay, but I’m not!

But Ferdel did not seem to be interested in my mental health. He looks like he’s going to die, and he’s humming with excitement.

“Now, let’s start with the basics today.”

Can you really teach me right? Of course I wasn’t questioning Ferdel’s own ability, but doesn’t that usually exist? Genius cannot teach others. Of course it is possible for a genius to teach a genius. In fact, I’m not a real genius, as maids and daughters-in-law make a noise.

Do you think I can keep up with this class? But if you say that to that face, it will be meaningless to say that it’s okay to come back. I just sighed.

“What are you going to study?”

“How to be proper Princess?”

Huh? Ferdel smiles before I even ask what the hell that means.

I was frustrated by the fact that Ferdel was a teacher for another reason because his hands were so light that he came to teach his students. There is no book, and he brought something with him, which now unfolds before me. I was a little surprised to see it.

Is this map?

“This is Agrigent.”

What Ferdel pointed out was a huge piece of land in the middle.

“I’ve never seen a map before.”

“It’s not necessary for real life. It’s not distributed well.”

Ferdel laughed that it was natural not to see, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the real map I had never seen before.