Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 269

Now that I thought about it, we were somewhat close. Although I tried to act more funny or cute to make him happy to save my ass, most of the time, I was sincere. Caitel was always honest with me as well. He could be annoying at times, but I suppose we were pretty close.

However, since when were we like this?

Our relationship changed without me noticing it… as I thought about it now, it was weird. This was a significant development as I thought about our first relationship.

“…This is somewhat shocking.”

Elyne turned around and checked on me as I murmured, but it was so quiet that she didn’t seem to understand. Either way, I felt like I was struck with a hammer throughout my body because of this truth I didn’t know. I had never thought about it this way.

I couldn’t believe Caitel was kind to me! That was outrageous! I always thought I was abused.

“So this year, I’m seeing Acris.”

“There’s going to be a festival.”

Elyne and Serira were excited to hear that people from other countries would come from abroad and that there would be another big party, but now, they were not trying to pry their ears at me. Something felt a little strange. My heart was pounding so hard that I could hardly breathe.

Yeah, dad was kind towards me, but I always thought of it as the sort of kindness he’d have for a pet.

Like petting a dog when it licked its master and forgiving it when it sometimes nipped back. I was frustrated while thinking about myself, but I indeed felt that way.

However, all of a sudden, he was treating me like his daughter?

“Well, you can think it over more on your own. I’ll take my leave now.”

Dranste disappeared with a sneaky smile. I didn’t have anything left to argue, but if Dranste was right…

No, wait. Hadn’t I already heard something like this? He said he felt bored when I was not with him. He basically confessed his feeling of loneliness when I wasn’t around him…

I had never heard about my significance from another person like that before. In other words, Caitel really needed me right now. To think that dad would need me… maybe I was more precious to Caitel than I imagined?

The Father of this world needed me.

I felt so conflicted that I finally gave up thinking about it.

“Oh, it’s getting so confusing.”

Ugh, whatever. I just had to do something.