Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 268

My dad bends his head at my request.

“Why should I?”


“And if I refuse?”

I tried to hold it in, but I ended up getting choked up.

“Serira didn’t do anything wrong! Are you three years old? Don’t take your anger out on someone just because you’re angry about something else!”

Caitel sneered upon hearing what I said. I glared with sincerity at Caitel. If my dad kept doing this, I wouldn’t stand it anymore.

Had he ever risked his life? I was risking my life now.

So far, I had endured all these hardships, but not anymore. If I got out of here, then I was a pushover. I was not Caitel property, and even though he’s my father, this was way too much.

“Are you suggesting that I’m simply displacing my anger? Then you’re saying refusing to follow my orders and interfering with my plans isn’t a crime?”

“That’s because you did something wrong! Serira wouldn’t have done that unless you did something wrong first!”

His expression stiffened frighteningly. I was a little worried that I was too hard on him… I didn’t know anymore! I should just go on with it till the very end. Yeah, well, the worst thing that could happen was death. Hmph!

“Since when were you so loyal to her? You won’t even listen to your own father.”

His voice pierced my ears. He couldn’t even think of the reason why I didn’t listen to him? I really wanted to say something back at him, but my chest hurt… I just stared at him with all my strength…

Man, I was suddenly losing my sight. I tried to swallow the lump coming out of my throat. Why was I feeling so sad suddenly?

“Let Serira go, you villain! Why are you doing this to me? You are so mean! There’s a limit to how much I can forgive you even if you are my father! If Serira dies, I really won’t ever see you again. Never! Never ever.”

I knew that I would lose if I cried, but I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

This bastard should know that my tears weren’t cheap.

He was embarrassed for a moment but then smiled coldly as he saw me crying.

“So, you hold that woman in higher esteem than your own father?”

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who appointed Serira to be my nanny!”

Did he already forget that? He really was heartless.

Caitel closed his mouth upon hearing my answer. I just cried because this was really upsetting. I bet other children were loved by their fathers… yet I got treated like this. Who cared if I was born a princess? My own father wouldn’t even treat me with respect!