Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 266

Love or whatever, I still got angry whenever I thought about that day! He basically got mad at me because I didn’t listen to him! How could he get that upset over something like that? He was even willing to have me confined… Haa… Who would do that just because a child wouldn’t listen to them!?

“Such as Caitel?”

A sly voice answered my question.

Oh, my gosh!

I couldn’t even scream upon hearing his voice, which I didn’t even recognize being in here. Pressing my surprised heart lightly with my hand, I turned around, and I saw a smiling Dranste. I was instantly enraged.

Did he want me to die with fright!?

“When did you get here?”


What kind of madness was this? I stared at him quietly, and soon, the two women in front of me tilted their heads. That reminded me of one thing I had forgotten.

Oh, only I could see Dranste right now.

When I realized my mistake, Dranste laughed beside me. What a jerk!

When I was a baby and couldn’t speak yet, it was convenient to talk to him, but now that I can utter some words, it had become a real inconvenience. Well, it’s not like I could just stand here in silence. I could talk now, so why weren’t I allowed to do so!?

“Shouldn’t you still be thanking your father? If he was the same man he used to be, you would have been killed on the spot.”

He had a point.

Honestly, I thought that was the end of my world. I argued with him after losing my temper; it was sort of scary. Well, I could do that because I couldn’t think of anything else but go against him. Phew. I used to think I would never drive myself in a dangerous position, although I was super mad, I did. I learned a lesson. What a valuable experience.

Now that I thought about it… it was strange. He was so mad at Serira, so why didn’t he punish me? Was it because I cried? Did Caitel usually forgive people for that?

… This was a bit scary.

I was not sure how this would return to me.

“… I feel bad for Caitel.”

What? Why?!

I was the one who should be pitied here! Hello?!

“How can a daughter not understand her father to this degree…? He’s truly pitiable.”