Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 265

Paradise is where I am

It had already been a month since I had that fight with dad.

Thankfully, the next day, Caitel canceled Serira’s execution… I begged him to cancel it, and he took credit to himself, saying he never once reversed his orders before. I got sick of it, and now, I wanted to be Emperor too, so I could stop it.

Anyway, it was kind of funny to watch him cancel the execution and pardon Serira. My dad was always full of surprises, but he still placed her on probation for disobeying royalty, though. He should just forgive her and move on right away. In the end, it took about a month before Serira could return as my caretaker.

I didn’t know whose dad it was, but he’s a problem.

However, Serira had a problem too.

“Don’t do that again! All right?”

“Yes, I’m terribly sorry.”

I meant, what kind of guts did she have?

Caitel had only been upset because of me, so I was utterly shocked to hear that Serira had lectured him about the proper way to treat a child…

I was sighing, but the person in front of me just smiled.

I was sighing because of mom, and now she’s…

I stared at her, puffing out my cheeks, but it wouldn’t erase the smile on her face.

Well, anyway, I wanted to live peacefully without any problems, but the world wouldn’t let me. I didn’t have a single day moving on quietly. I would die of stress at an early age.

“I was so surprised that day. I’ve never seen the Emperor get so mad before. I thought there would be a bloody massacre right here in the palace.”

‘Don’t be so dramatic.’

I made the impression that it was nonsense, but besides me, Serira nodded with a serious look. Assisi’s reaction was not much different. What? Was that big of a deal?

I made an impression on my face. Was that such a huge ruckus?

However, if I didn’t run away, I would have been caught and locked me into my room. I didn’t like it.

“It’s been a really long time since he’s been that upset, right?”

“Yes, it definitely happened a lot more often before the princess was born.”

The two women seriously recalled my father’s past that I didn’t know. Then, suddenly, Elyne smiled.

“Lady Serira, the Emperor must really love the princess.”

“What do you mean? Of course, he loves her.”

Hey, these two should stop this embarrassing chat already!