Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 264



There’s no doubt that he was my knight. He always knew where I went to hide. Assisi came to me in a hurry.

“Princess! Terrible news—”

“I know.”

Dranste already told me, but he was not supposed to be here right now, so I just shut my mouth. Looking back at him quietly, Dranste smiled as if he was telling me to ignore him.

I grabbed Assisi’s arm.

“Take me to my dad.”

After a moment of thought, Assisi unavoidably led me to my father.

I thought he’d be stuck somewhere like a drill hall, but unexpectedly, Caitel was in his bedroom. Was he going to his bed early? I thought these words as soon as I stepped out of my hiding spot, Caitel’s knights would grab me and put me in my room, but I was able to get to his bedroom safely, perhaps because Assisi was beside me. However, even before I went in, I was held back by the servant at the door.

“You aren’t allowed to go in, Princess. The Emperor has forbidden anyone from entering his room.”

Wow, so I was getting this sort of treatment already?

If I was as mad as before, I would have been angry with the servant, but fortunately, my head had cooled off on the hill, so it was okay.

“Get out of the way.”

“But, it’s the Emperor’s order.”

“So, you’ll disobey me even if you have to die?”

The servants stepped back upon hearing my word. These guys listened to me when I threatened them with their life. I did feel sorry for the people who would suffer no matter whose side they’d take… but I had to get in there. Otherwise, Serira might die.

Seriously, how could he even consider threatening Serira’s life to get me here? My dad was definitely a terrible person who should be avoided at all costs.

As I entered, I saw a large room, and there I saw Caitel reading a book. By the way, what kind of book was he reading that made his face look so fierce? Now that I had come to my senses, I found it scary to call out his name, although I was already here. How did I do that earlier?

“What are you doing here?”

I was choked up.

Something came up in my voice that was usually filled with sarcastic complaints.

I had to hold back. I must not get worked up over his words. If I got emotional now, all of this would be for nothing just like before. When I tried to keep my mouth shut to calm down, Caitel looked at my face and sneered.

“Did you come here to beg me to spare the life of that woman you think of like your mother? You ran away refusing to listen to me earlier, yet you’re back as soon as you want something.”

“Please let Serira go!”