Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 263

No matter how much I thought about it, I really must have lost my mind back there… Otherwise, how could I have spoken to my dad like that?

Still, even thinking about it now was making me angry! Does he just think of me as some toy instead of his daughter? A child wouldn’t just follow their parent’s orders. I was not a wind-up doll!

… This was so upsetting. I was so sad.

This hill in the garden was a hideout place where my twins and I often played. The imperial palace was spacious, and there were so many places to hide. I didn’t know about the adults, but there were so many places for children like me to hide. Which means I wouldn’t get caught. In fact, this hill’s hideout place was used when the twins were scolded and fled, so its credibility was assured.

“I wondered what sort of secret place you’d run off to, and this is it?”

I raised my head in surprise, it is the pale blue eyes that I see.

Oh, it’s Dranste.

I threw my head back into my lap. Did he just come here to tease me again? So annoying.

“Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?”

Dranste answered in a light voice.

“Your nanny’s going to be executed tomorrow.”


I raised my head unconsciously.

What was he talking about? Who would be executed? Serira?

I was speechless for a moment. Dad had really gone insane. He really went that far? He said he wouldn’t touch his own people, so what the hell was going on now?

When Dranste saw my face, he smiled mischievously.

“Oh, I thought you might not have heard the news and figured it might not be so good if you got there late, right?”

This guy was a handful, but for now, Caitel was the problem.

“Where’s Caitel now?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

Oh, I’d love to kick him, but I didn’t have enough energy right now. First of all, I just wanted to ignore Dranste because I had to squabble with Caitel again later.

“She tried to stop that man’s crazy plan to catch you, and now, she’s in danger of being executed tomorrow. Your nanny has really got nerves of steel. How could she try to lecture him while he was on a rampage like that?”

I guessed that I was not the only one with a lot of guts. That’s just the sort of thing Serira would do… but still, what could I do about this?