Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 262

“Why can’t I do that? You yell at people all the time!”

I really was insane. I had clearly gone nuts.

Assisi and Serira looked so shocked. I had always been such a good girl, so it must be a surprise to see me like this.

Well, I didn’t care anymore. I was furious right now.


Dad was quiet. I wanted to be more sarcastic, but if I did that, it would feel like I was losing, so I just frowned and stared at Caitel. When both of us faced each other with our eyes glared at each other, the people around us got restless.

Caitel then opened his mouth.

“Head Maid.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Why was he calling the head maid?

I frowned and stared at what he was doing, but dad sneered at me while looking away.

“Return with the princess to Solay Palace. She seems to be very tired. Make sure she does not set a single foot outside of the palace until further notice.”


How could he do this to me?


I would say one more thing, but Caitel turned around and looked at me again. I stopped quietly when his cold eyes met with mine.


Why did he call me like that? What a jerk!

Usually, I would have looked down, but not today. I glared straight at my father.

“This is where I draw the line.”

For a moment, a horrible feeling crept to my heart. Fuck, I didn’t want to do this anymore.

Caitel tried to turn around and leave when the head maid approached to take me. I shook off the hand that held me.

“I hate you, dad! I won’t ever see your face again!”

They said running away meant admitting to a losing battle, but I didn’t care! I might have said something childish, but I didn’t care! All the things I had been holding back until now finally exploded, everything just spilled out of me.

Still, I wouldn’t stay trapped in my room! I was not a helpless princess in a fairytale! Whether Assisi was following me or not, I ran out of the spot, and I heard Caitel spoke behind me.

“After her!”

Who did he think he was chasing!? I wouldn’t be caught easily!

“Catch her and drag her right back here!”

At his order, all the entourages who looked puzzled moved right away. Among them, Serira’s voice reverberated softly.

“Your Majesty, you mustn’t do this. Your Majesty!”