Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 261

“What exactly are you apologizing for? If you know that you’ve done something wrong, does that mean you accept the punishment for your mistakes?”

“I will accept any punishment you deem fitting.”

Serira answered with an expression, which showed that she accepted her responsibility for this, but I couldn’t understand.

“No, I did something wrong, so why is Serira the one getting punished?”

“A child has no place to interfere here.”

His voice was sharp.

I was choked up for a moment. Why was he always scolding me?

Still, I better keep my mouth shut if I didn’t want a one-way ticket out of this world. Quiet. Quiet! Just keep quiet! The heavens would reward those who are quiet…

“Looks like I haven’t paid enough attention to my daughter’s education. The head maid shall serve the princess for now, and her nanny shall remain in her home to reflect upon her mistakes until I say otherwise.”


What was he saying right now?!

I think my ears were being weird right now. I heard something strange.

“Furthermore, Princess Ariadna is henceforth forbidden from going anywhere other than Solay Palace and the garden at the opposite end of it.”

“But, Your Majesty!”

This time, Serira was surprised and called out to my father. I was shocked. Who cared whether heavens would reward quietness or not, why was my father going crazy? What’s wrong with him today? I frowned, forgetting that I shouldn’t go against him.

“So, you’re saying you’re going to lock me up?”

“Is that how you understood what I said?”

Well, what else could it mean? Why was Serira getting banished to her house, and the strict head maid being put in charge of taking care of me? Was he trying to slowly kill me?

I really thought this bastard was crazy. He couldn’t do this to me without going crazy. Oh, yeah, I knew he was initially a lunatic, but this was too much.

“Dad, have you lost your mind?”


Was he deaf?

“I said, are you finally going crazy, dad?”

Caitel visibly frowned after hearing the things that I had only managed to say for the first time. I was scared of his expressionless face and his slight frown, but it was more threatening than I thought. I felt some furious tension in him, and my body was already shaking slightly, but my mouth didn’t stop.

Yeah, I should finish what I had started with this bastard.

“Why are you deciding everything by yourself without even listening to what I have to say?! Doesn’t my opinion matter to you at all?”

“That’s right.”

Wow, look at him.

He was flat out telling me that my opinion didn’t matter. How could he do this to me? I completely forgot what I was about to say. Dad smiled coldly.

“Looks like I’ve been too lenient on you. You dare raise your voice in front of me?”

Since when had he ever gone easy on me? This wouldn’t feel so unfair if he actually valued me! I could feel my deep resentment towards him. I clenched my teeth as I felt a fit of anger rising from deep inside of me.