Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 260

What? Was he watching me from somewhere?

I suppose that was possible since Solay was the closest to the garden. What should I do? I had to find a way out of this mess!

Should I try acting cute?

No… I was a goner. His eyes are already mad with rage.

“Well, it’s not like I saw him because I wanted to…”

Wow… Even I think that sounded like an excuse to justify this moment. I smiled to move on from this situation smoothly, but dad’s face stiffened even further when he saw my smile. Oh, this wasn’t going as well as I had expected.

Something that seemed more severe than other times. Oh, This was not good at all.

“I didn’t hire you to have a nanny to allow things like this to happen, or did I hire the wrong person?”

Oh, wait. Why was this suddenly Serira’s fault!?

His words shocked me. Serira came all the way down here because she was worried about me, and now she’s just biting her lip. Dad wouldn’t hit a woman, but I didn’t know what this mess would do to Serira, so I quickly stepped in between the two. I was the one who messed up, so I should be the one being scolded.

“Serira didn’t do anything wrong, dad. I just ran into him by accident on my way to the garden.”

“I made you another garden in the opposite direction, so I don’t see why you would need to go to that garden anymore.”

Why was he speaking to me like that? Wouldn’t see what? I felt hurt by how he talked to me. However, I couldn’t help it. It was all my fault that I was powerless.

“It was because I wanted to see the Winter Tree.”

“Is that so?”


“Did you think I’d fall for that?”


I knew my father was this kind of man, but I still felt a lump in my throat after hearing that. I just really wanted to punch him. I bit my lip to find my peace.

However, the situation had only escalated further.

Oh, why were things getting so severe? I felt like there was no way for me to win.

“My apologies, Your Majesty. This was all my fault. I’ll take extra care from now on.”

Serira fell on the ground and knelt. I was surprised, but I just stayed still because she always had a reason when she did this.

Oh, no… mom knelt down because of what I did! However, she didn’t do anything wrong!