Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 26

3. The world is mine!

It’s already been two months since Caitel’s birthday party.

Well, if one would ask me if there had been a big change in the last two months, all I could do was crawl on my knees instead of crawling on a boat, and the fact that I could stand there holding something. It was a very small change, but because of it, the servants of the Solay Palace had to make every corner of the object that matched my vision blunt.

I thought I was a genius, that’s why I crawled faster than the other kids, but I heard Serira said I was growing up at a normal speed.

Tsk, yeah. I was not a genius.

Winter was coming already. I felt pressured every day because my dad won’t let me go to his side.

Dad was so annoying. I’d like to tell him to let go of me, but I just stayed in his arms because my life was precious.

Oh, I was getting sleepy.

“So, Your Majesty, first of all, I think it’s the first priority to solve the problem with the south Praezia rather than the Langre.”

I didn’t know why winter was coming or Caitel’s birthday party was over, but one small change had been made in this compact office, so it was Ferdel’s frequent visits.


My time living in the palace was almost 10 months now. However, I feel like it was my first time to see his face, and it was strange.

Yeah, it’s weird.

His name was familiar, but his face was unfamiliar.

He was blue too. I didn’t have a chance to see him up close, so I knew he had blue hair, but I didn’t know he had blue eyes.

By the way, the blue color of Ferdel was more like a pale sky blue than just blue. Overall, his impression was that he smiled beautifully rather than just a handsome man. However, still, he was very charming.

I thought he was some kind of a nerd, but actually, look a little bit sharp. The most important thing was he never looked like he was going to play with Caitel.

Why did he play with Caitel, why?

“I’m concerned about the quietness of the emperor of Praezia, most of all, we’re investigating the recent discovery of a large number of weapons in the neighboring country of Praezia. It’s not a good time, at least look at what’s left of it and make a decision.”

Stuck in the arms of Caitel, I was holding a cup without a handle in my hands and drinking. It wasn’t water, it was fruit juice, but it was a drink I often drank because it was delicious.

It’s good, nom nom.

I’m peeking at Ferdel and smacking my lips, and for a moment, Ferdel gave me a look.


“Praezia is annoying, too.”

Was it just my misunderstanding?

Caitel cleared the cup I had had. I had already finished it, so I had handed it over to Papa without regret.

Oh, it was delicious.

“Is there any particular movement of Emperor Pellephon?”

“Unfortunately, not yet.”

Clearing my cup, Caitel turned to the cradle.

Did he want to put me down?

When I looked at him, our eyes met in the middle. If it was before, he would just look down without any facial expression, but he had become a human being now. These days, Caitel smiled when I looked at him.

Even if it’s a dry, pale smile.

I wanted to go to study my steps with Serira. I could walk a little withholding the handrail, but the best thing was to do it with Serira’s hands. Most of all, it’s so comforting to have someone close enough to hold me when I fall. Walking with Serira rather than holding something by myself, I could stretch my feet at ease.

My dad must have been jealous of us, watching me play well with Serira. My dad’s trying to get me to practice my steps, but… This novice father thought I could walk so fast he took his course first.

I was the one who suffered after all.

No! I didn’t want to do this anymore! Because of me, who took a few steps and sits right down, Caitel had to give up his grand ambition to get me to practice.

Yeah, dad’s too early to be a master of parenting yet, so I wouldn’t walk with this bastard!

“Where is Assisi?”

“Oh, he is on his way back to the palace after finishing processing the remnants of the party. Well, he’ll be back in two months.”

I felt sorry for the man named Assisi.

They’re fighting hard at the command of his master, and their commanders were sitting in the palace, warm and full.

I heard there’s nothing to believe in the world, so it’s just like that way.

However, why does Ferdel kept looking at me?

Because Caitel put me down in the cradle, I stood up holding the handrail. Then Ferdel’s face was really weird.

What was it? Were you in love with me? My age was 10 months now. Don’t look over me, you thief!

“So it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the princess so close.”

“Don’t come near her.”

My father must have felt his irreverent gaze. He wrapped around me as Ferdel stepped closer. Ferdel was being treated as a bad party for no reason.


All three of us were silent.

As Ferdel took a step closer and took his foot off, Caitel took his hand to his sword. In a blistering spirit formed in a flash, I quietly held on to the railing and held out my mouth.

What was he doing?

The two of them looked like best friends, and it was all a scam. I looked over two people, rolling my eyes.

At that moment, Ferdel opened his mouth with a dazed face.

“Well, Your Majesty?”


Caitel turned his back on Ferdel. No, it wasn’t that he turned his back, it was that he covered me by turning his back.

‘Uh? What’s going on here? Come on, Papa!’

I wasn’t the only one who was embarrassed; the voice of Ferdel over Caitel was equally disconcerting.

“Hey, Caitel!”

“You can’t.”

He held me again and turn slightly. Caitel then warned him once again. Ferdel, who extended his head to see me, was opening his mouth with an absurd face.

“Am I the bud of future crime? Wow, who doesn’t have a daughter? What a shame!”

“You don’t.”

Caitel grew serious. The words made Ferdel’s face crumpled. He shouted with all his heart.

“I know, and I’ll have one soon! I’ll be having one in about a year!”

“It’s not here now anyway.”

“I’ll have them when I get married! I’ll have more than you!”

“Then tell me when you’ll have a baby.”

How could he lose the entirety of the argument? It was sad to watch.

Without celebrating my father’s perfect victory, I covered my mouth with my small hand.

That poor fellow.

I felt sorry for all the guys who hung out with my dad. Was that a trend, too?

“… Wow, that bastard.”

His voice of injustice made me nod.

Yeah, he’s a bad guy. My dad was bad.

Oh, I shouldn’t be proud of this, but why did I feel this way when I thought nobody couldn’t beat him when it comes to evilness? What an absurd reality, a dirty world.

“You said you’d show me your daughter on your birthday!”

They must have had a contract I didn’t know.

Caitel also frowned for a moment when he remembered making such a promise. His serious look told me he really didn’t want to show him to me.

However, a promise is a promise. Caitel turned around, and he showed Ferdel what he was holding in his arms.

“Yes, look.”



Ferdel’s face glowed instantly. I was a bit scared when I saw his face, smiling like a fool.

What’s wrong with him?

As soon as Ferdel tried to reach out to me, Caitel slapped his hand and warned him with a snap.

“Just look.”

Ferdel’s face was crumpled, not knowing what his intentions were. I wondered too.

Huh? Dad, what are you doing?

Caitel, with the eyes sharper than a sword, looked at Ferdel with no expression. Ferdel’s eyes crumpled at the sight of Caitel coming to him. What my dad said afterward was great.

“I said I’d show her you, but I didn’t say I’d let you touch her.”

… Are you a five-year-old boy?

My impressions were not a problem. Ferdel cried out in front of me. Ferdel even pointed his finger to Caitel.

He was really mad at him, wasn’t he?

Ferdel shouted before my sympathy reached him.

“This is a fraud!”