Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 258

… I think I just said that yesterday.

I was embarrassed by the creature that I ran into right after I went out for a walk after lunch. I came here to see the winter tree… but why did he have to be here right at this moment?!

Was his name Zayland? The boy I saw yesterday was standing right in front of me.

I was in agony. Daddy said I shouldn’t see them if possible… but what he actually meant was I should avoid them at all costs. If he felt the need to say it, then he really didn’t want it to happen. I had spent enough time with Caitel to at least know that… and it’s not like I wanted to see them, so I said I’d do it with confidence. However, this felt like the heavens were trying to dim my future.

Sure, I could ignore him and turn around, but that would be so awkward since we were still facing each other. Dad could get upset so quickly. If he found out that I disobeyed him, I was confident that I would regret it later…


Huh? What?

At the moment the baby smiled brightly.

“You are pretty!”

… well, yes. I know I was pretty.

Wait, why was he flattering me all of a sudden? Of course, it felt good. Oh, this was a dilemma.

The baby smiled brightly. Then he grabbed my hand.

Well, I knew that I shouldn’t do this. However, it’s too mean to throw his hands away. What should I do?

I didn’t think he spoke well yet, but he had got a good eye. He would definitely grow up to be someone influential one day. Ahem, and I was not just saying that because he complimented me…

“Do you live here?”

“Yes, I live here.”


Looking at him like this reminded me of the twins when they were babies. Of course, we were both young back then, but they were so cute, but now, they were little demons… Would this boy grow up to be like that too?


“Oh, Assisi, where have you been?”

Where had he been, indeed?

Assisi frightened himself while he was coming closer to me, and so was Zayland in front of my eyes. When he saw Assisi, his face hardened as if he felt shy. Then he ran away suddenly.


I felt empty because he just ran away without catching a breath. I thought I was the one who had to run. Was he afraid of Assisi? However, even so, he shouldn’t run away like that. It wasn’t very nice.

“Are you all right, princess?”

“What do you mean?”

“… Nothing. Never mind.”

What did he mean, indeed? Come on, he should tell me. However, Assisi kept his mouth shut.

Aww, he’s not fun at all.