Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 257

I wanted to bite this finger that kept touching my cheek. However, if I did so, my future would disappear. I ended up just staring at his finger. Oh, but why did he keep touching my cheek? My father was a man who didn’t have a booger with respect to me. He’s a booger.

“Hmm… come to think of it, you’re right. You haven’t gone to her palace ever since you came back from Izarta.”

“There’s a perfectly entertaining person right here in front of me, so why would I go see a woman who would only give me a headache?”

… so what he’s saying was that I was just his entertainer? Seriously, should I just punch him?

I was seriously considering it, and my dad saw me and laughed again.

“My daughter is simply just too charming.”

Oh, yeah, I was just full of charm.

Okay, I had to calm down, meditate, and see the world through clear eyes. Yes, clear. Clear my mind… as if! Ugh, he was so annoying!

“This is all getting quite suspicious. Perhaps we need to look into this much more thoroughly.”

Ferdel tilted his head. Dad answered without a disturbance.

“Just keep quiet for now. We still don’t know her motive.”

“Isn’t she aiming to become the Empress?”

“Do you think that woman is foolish enough to want that?”

“Isn’t she?”

Just look at him gloat. I thought my dad had the most annoying smile ever, but Ferdel could compete for it easily. No, the winner would definitely be Dranste. After all, when he smiled, he would wake up something furious inside me that I didn’t even know about.

“It’s true she’s a fool…”

Daddy laughed.

“But she can be quite witty at times.”

What? How could a person be a fool and witty? I wondered how a person’s evaluation fell into such a category.

However, Ferdel didn’t look curious, so he just moved on.

What? Was I the only one curious?

“This may just be nonsense, but… the sixth prince did have silver-red hair as well, but that can’t be it, right?”

For a moment, my father’s hand, which was patting my head, stopped. I tilted my head.

“Oh, but then again, his hair was more red than silver-red.”

Ferdel tilted his head. I felt uncomfortable while my father continued gazing at me. Why was he looking at me like that? What did he want me to do?

“So, please don’t cause any trouble now, dear daughter. Understand?”

Father, what else would this little girl do besides keeping quiet? I didn’t have the means to spread this sort of gossip even if I wanted to.

“And do your best not to see that woman and her child.”

I actually already saw them today… oops.

However, it’s uncommon to bump into each other like that, so I nodded.

“Yes, sure!”