Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 256

“Oh, um… please carry on with your discussion.”


What a surprise! I flinched for no reason.

Why is he calling my name like that when he never usually called me by my name? I looked at him anxiously, and Caitel reached his hands at me.

“Come here.”

‘Yes, I should go when someone calls me!’

However, was it really alright for me to intrude? I thought they were having a serious discussion.

“… is it okay?”

“I’ll have to tell you sooner or later anyway..”

‘Well, since he called here, I had come.’

Ugh. I ran right away and got in my dad’s arms. Caitel held me up and stared me in the eye.

“Did you hear all of that?”

Should I lie? I seriously thought about it, but I decided to be honest because if I lied, he would just get upset with me like he did last time…

All right, watch just how honest I could be!

“A, a little?”

“How much did you hear?”

“F, from the part where you lied about not having a son.”

It wasn’t much, right? I tried to smile, but there was no mercy from Ferdel in front of me.

“So, she heard everything.”

That bastard. Yeah, I heard it all. What would they do about it?

Caitel sighed at my reaction. I looked up at my dad for no reason.

“Is he… really not your son?”

Dad mustn’t lie, not with a child present.

I thought he would make a facial impression on what I said, but my father’s reaction was rather peaceful. What’s wrong with him? Had they taken their medicine? However, he smiled slightly and touched my cheek.

“You’ve been with me all this time, so I don’t see how you can suspect me. Even my own daughter doesn’t believe me?”

Well… it’s not so much that I couldn’t believe him.

I just wanted to make sure. There were always exceptions in this world.

Caitel smiled at my profound expression. Then he stroked my head. Ferdel, who was looking at us with jealousy, frowned with unease.

“But why didn’t you say so from the beginning?”

“Because I wasn’t sure at the time.”

“Then now you are?”

My dad looked at me after hearing Ferdel’s question.

‘What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?’

Why did he always laugh when he looked at me? Was my face really that funny to him?

“I’ve indeed slept with many women before… but I haven’t done so since my daughter was born. Isn’t that right, dear daughter?”

Why was he asking me that? This bastard should watch his language in front of a child!