Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 255

What on earth was so complicated about the people around me?

Caitel, Ferdel, Assisi. Oh, maybe except Ferdel. Anyway, I was so simple, but the people around me were all so suspicious. Everyone’s got a lot of things behind their backs. A woman was beautiful when she had secrets, but what about a man!?

It’s so hard to pretend like I didn’t know that so many times, but I was also uncertain whether I should search it deeply or not. I would like to know, but there’s no one to tell me! I was curious because I was human too!

On my way to Dad’s office with Assisi.

No wonder I had been feeling so uncomfortable… Assisi was reading my countenance earlier, but now, I was trying to understand Assisi’s expression.

Oh, I didn’t know anymore. I should just keep walking.

“Is dad inside?”

When I arrived at the office, the servant greeted me politely.

Oh, well. I would check on Caitel then return to my room to read a book.

I was supposed to wait until the servant opened the door, but I opened it without waiting for a servant to open the door as always. I was surprised to hear the voice as soon as I opened the door.

“What are you talking about?”

Huh? Was anyone there?

“So, you are saying he isn’t your son?”

I tried to close the door quietly and go back, but I stopped at that moment. This was Ferdel’s voice. What were two of them talking about?

“What are you saying? Then how do you explain his hair? You think silver-red hair is so common that you can find just anyone in the street with it? I understand how you must feel, but as a man, you shouldn’t lie about this sort of thing. Your daughter is alive, and she looks exactly like you.”

It looked like my dad was just talking nonsense again.

Regardless of how they felt, my dad shouldn’t deny his own son like that. No matter how I looked at him, he was definitely his son. I was noticing that everyone had been talking about this wherever I went. It’s borderline traumatizing.

“Nevertheless, he isn’t my son.”

A low voice flatly denied.

“Even if I seem to be saying this out of desperation, a lie is still a lie. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Hmm, his smirk looked even more obnoxious today. Maybe I was not his daughter either. Well, he had always been this way, telling lies and talking nonsense.

“Really? Do you mean it?”

What was the purpose of asking him? It was probably just crazy talk.

I was about to close the door to get back in my room, but the door creaked.

Oh, my. I closed it just a bit more.

It sounded so loud that I was surprised. Why was there such a noisy door in the imperial palace!? Didn’t the servants oil the doors?

I was standing still in a panic, and I felt their stares. The two men’s eager eyes made me shy.