Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 253

I was here being a poor, alienated neighbor, but this couple was stuck in their own world and didn’t look around. Yes, if they kept bullying me like that, I would have an idea!

“I want to walk.”

As I grabbed Assisi’s arm, Elyne looked back as if she felt troubled. What was she planning to do by frowning that way? It seemed like Elyne wouldn’t have to follow me anyway since Assisi was with me. Yeah, these two should just two play along. Hmph!

Usually, I would complain a few times, but I didn’t feel like it. Oh, I didn’t know. This was how human affairs work.

Perhaps because my tension was so noticeably low, even Assisi, who usually didn’t care about others, read my bitter countenance. He kept glaring at me and seemed to be thinking deeply about how to make me feel better. How could a person look so transparent? This was also my concern.



“Do you know what happens when Almond dies?”



Was that a joke?

He didn’t think I didn’t know that, did he? As if that was it, Assisi closed his mouth upon hearing my answer. He looked perplexed.

Oh, this was fun.

I didn’t know why his expression made me feel better. Suddenly, I laughed, and Assisi tilted his head. ‘I was laughing at you, dummy, you.’


That’s when I heard a thin voice.

When I looked back casually after hearing a name I had heard a lot about, I saw two people who have been disturbing me a lot these days.

“You can’t run around like that.”

Tylenia… was it?

A child with more red-ish silver hair than mine was happily hugged by his mother. The expression of a mother embracing her child was warm and emotional. The friendly goodwill was so blatant that I could tell at once how much the princess loved her son.


I was always seeing mothers and sons together, like Silvia and the twins. However, I guessed I felt different since they were different people.

A child with his mother… what should I say? I was a bit jealous.

Yes. I was jealous.


Would my mother do that to me if she were alive? Would she hold me and look at me sweetly like that? Thought that had never even crossed my mind suddenly spreads within me.

I never even saw my mother before, so why did I miss her so much?