Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 251

“What is this jerky? It’s pretty good.”

“Farmers in the North eat that instead of eating a proper meal when they’re busy. I’ve forgotten what it’s called though.”


This was the precious food of farmers. No wonder it was delicious.

Serira would be shocked to know this, but it was delicious to my taste that was already subdued by luxurious food. But it’s too chewy. I have to move my chin too many times. If I eat this a lot, my jaw would turn into a square.

I guess I was enjoying this too much. Dranste suddenly asked.

“Would you like me to bring more next time?”


“That was easy.”

“You got a death wish?”

How should I kill him?!

He smiled again while patting my head.

You jerk! You’re probably the only man in the entire world with such a despicable smile!

Assisi came back just in time while we were squabbling.

“Princess, I’m returned…”

“Hi, Assisi?”

Dranste said hi to Assisi. It was a casual greeting, but Assisi’s face stiffened visibly.

Oh, scary.

The air flowing between the two is quite lively and ambiguous. Assisi frowned, although he usually wouldn’t frown. Of course, he didn’t like Dranste because he is always rude to me. I heard there was nothing wrong going on between the two of them, but I can’t believe it at all when I see this scene.

“Even someone like you, Sir Dranste, should refrain from entering the princess’s chamber so carelessly.”

“Yes. I know.”


‘If you know, then do it, you bastard.’

However, I knew better than anyone that he would not do it. Oh, how sad. Nonetheless, this food given to me every day was delicious, yum yum.

“My, my. The dear guardian knight is still as cold as ever I see. I’m feeling a chill just from the icy mood on here…”

“Your cold words are what’s making the mood icy in here.”

I tried to lighten up the mood with a joke that did not sound like one, but to be honest, his face was still stubborn. It feels like they are going to fight soon.

“Sir Dranste.”


“Please leave.”

So interesting. Why does Assisi being so harsh on Dranste? Of course, it was not that I didn’t see the reason, but what’s interesting is interesting.

Dranste laughed after hearing Assisi’s words. But his expression was cheeky.

“Uhhh…I don’t want to.”

I really wanted to beat him up if he seriously wouldn’t leave me alone right now. Assisi frowned as if he was holding back his anger after hearing Dranste’s reply.

“I’ll tell your Majesty.”

“Caitel didn’t say anything to me.”

“It will be different this time.”

“Huh? Why?”

Dranste smiled as if he was trying to tease or deliberately get killed. To top it all off, he was pulling me in… Assisi, could I wallop this guy instead?

Dranste winked as if to tell me that I should stay still. Ugh, I really wanted to hit his head.

“I’m going to tell your Majesty that Sir Dranste fed the princess something strange.”


Assisi’s prepared counterattack made Dranste silent. Even for him, this would be embarrassing. But still, it was me who asked him for jerky so I hide my hand behind and smiled, and Dranste suddenly disappeared.

You bastard!