Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 249

“Well, if the boy is officially a prince, you’re really in trouble.”


What’s all this nonsense all of a sudden?

Upon seeing my face, Dranste shook his head as if I didn’t understand him.

“He’s also a member of the Imperial family, and he is a male. He might be the first in line to succeed the throne right now, beating you.”

Oh, was that so? I just thought I’d have a younger brother, but I see. Although it was not highlighted because I was the only daughter, there was definitely a line of succession for the royal family.

“But you won’t have to worry now. I don’t think the princess brought him here to do something right now. She brought it up before he finds out about it first and gets killed before anyone knows about it.”

“How do you know so much about other people?”

“It’s obvious.”

“Screw you.”

Dranste smiled. His fingers touched my head.

“You are also obvious, my lady.”

“Ha, no, I’m not.”

He was so annoying. How dare this man treat me as an obvious person?

That smile at my glare… Maybe that’s why I was even angrier. Oh, this bastard was so sneaky.

I took off Dranste’s hands that were stroking my head. This bastard should stop touching me!

“Are you worried that it’s gonna be taken away?”

“What’s taken away?”

“Catel’s favor.”


What was he saying?

“If I was nervous about that, then I would have died.”

No, if I had lived for it in the first place, I’d be dead. My light sigh changed Dranste’s expression slightly. Somewhat serious. Well, he was still so sly that I’d like to hit him.

“Then why do you look so down?”



“It just feels a little weird.”

Yeah, that’s weird. I sighed lightly.

Elyne and Serira were worried that I read books in my room instead of going to the garden that I used to visit often these days. However, I didn’t feel like going out at all. What should I say? It was not a sense of crisis that I was likely to lose my position, nor of nervousness that I was inclined to lose my father’s affection, just a feeling of unknown cause.

‘What? Is it springtime now?’

“In fact, just in a simple way, I now have a brother, but I don’t feel that way.”

“That’s because he’s going to kill you.”

Dranste answered lightly. I frowned at once. What a load of crap this was.

“Why would he kill me?”

“Because you might take it away.”

“This country.”

What did I just hear?