Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 245

Chapter 245: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 245

“That child…looked to be about four or five. Since that’s around the time she returned to Andurus, she must have gone home as soon as she learned she was pregnant. Not to mention, that was right around the time their envoys came to discuss the war. The timing couldn’t be worse. ”

I don’t know what’s bothering Ferdel, but I just felt sorry for that mother and the child.

That child, he looks so cute. I’m sure he looks like his mother.

Of course, he has to be similar to his mother. He must be like his mom. Right?

If he looks like my dad…then I’m sure that he is screwed. There are plenty of things that he can be similar to but not Caitel. If he is similar to Caitel, then…um, uh, he is the sprout of the tyrant. What is that? It’s scary.

“It’s not like this is the first time something like this has happened. Why are you overreacting?”

“Hey, that was then! You know very well that we had them all rounded up and kille…”

Ferdel got mad at Caitel’s nonchalant response, and then suddenly turns back and looked at me. Huh? Why? I tilted my head at his sudden glance, and Ferdel smiled. You like my reaction, huh.

“You did. Anyway.”

Smiling at my gaze, Ferdel equivocate. Why do you stop talking, you’re making me feel awkward.

I frowned while holding a cup in my hands and drinking fruit juice. Are you looking at face? Besides, somehow Dad’s eyes on Ferdel seem to have gotten a little sharper.

What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?

As I smacked my lips, I inadvertently noticed why they were doing this.

Oh, well, it is weird to say that my father killed children in front of me. Well, I already knew that. There’s no need to look so murderous. I already knew what happened to Caitel juniors. But they don’t know if I know that.

Well, for some reason I suddenly feel sorry for myself, but let’s just move on.

“Princess, have one of these.”

“Yes, thank you.”

When I handed my finished cup, Assisi hands me the candy right away.

Oh, it’s pink!

It was a strawberry flavor. Oh, strawberry is the best flavor.

I am happy eating strawberry candy and Assisi smiles at me. Ferdel, who was looking at him seriously, said a word.

“Assisi, I envy how relaxed you can be.”

Assisi tilted his head as what it meant, but soon at Ferdel’s sigh, we both just shut up.

Hey, cheer up!