Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 244

Chapter 244: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 244

“A son, a son! A royal heir of Agrigent!”

This is the office of Caitel.

Ferdel, who did not return to his chancellor’s official residence, is frustrated with various poses as he moves quickly from side to side without being able to sit still. I’ve seen his dumb face a couple of times, but Ferdel looked completely out of his mind today.

“Oh good heavens, oh my holy spirit! What sort of surprise is this?!”

Normally, Ferdel would just click his tongue and complain about how Caitel must’ve gone mad…but I’ve never seen him like this before. Of course, I was shocked, but I didn’t expect Ferdel to react this way too… I suppose this is a serious matter. That’s how shocking this issue is. but…Assisi doesn’t seem shocked at all. More like he doesn’t even care. Did he already knew about this…nevermind.

Anyway, I thought she was bold even back then. But I still would’ve never expected something this daring. To think Caitel would have another child…

Oh, hang on. Would that make him my half brother?

A sibling…I never imagined I’d ever had one. That’s… really surprising.

“Hey, you could’ve warned me that something like this was going to happen!”

Somehow, I frown because I feel nervous, but then Ferdel blames my father. However, whether the dog barked in front of him or not, Caitel did not budge with his chin on his hand. Perhaps because he sat there without a word, with a blank face, Ferdel just grabbed his head again after a little fuss.

“Oh, my. I thought it was a rare return request. What shall we do with Andrurus’s second and youngest princess who was dragged in for her sister? Oh, my head.”

Now it must be hard for him to get around, so Ferdel finally sits on the sofa. Sitting on Assisi’s lap, I looked back at him for no reason. Between the two men who are so serious, only Assisi was normal as usual.

“Is something on my face?”

Oh, dear Assisi. Nothing, nothing at all.

Surprisingly, Assisi doesn’t seem this situation is shocking. He’s really bold in strange situations.

I looked around at the Caitel for no reason, but my dad still sat with his chin on his hand and refused to say anything. What’s more, his eyes were deeper and darker, perhaps thinking about some serious concern.