Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 243

Chapter 243: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 243

Dad, is that really how you should talk to someone who’s traveled from so far away? It’s not like I’ve seen my dad a day or twice. But isn’t it a little too much just ask her what brought her here today without greeting her?

I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt what I felt, but Ferdel smiles with a look of despondency.

Yeah, I’m normal. That’s a relief. I wasn’t being weird.

“My, my. You haven’t changed a bit.”

I thought the Andurus envoys might be mad, but unexpectedly the princess smiled softly and moved on. Oh well…fangirls adore their idols no matter what they do. Yeah, that’s one thing I can definitely understand.

“It is great to see you. Welcome to Agrigent. Well then, I think we’ve exchanged enough pleasantries…allow me to show you to your chamber so you can rest. I’m sure you’ve traveled a long way to get here.”

In the end, Ferdel comes forward. I sighed for no reason when I heard Ferdel’s impeccable greeting. My dad would have been screwed up if there was Ferdel wasn’t here. Definitely. I am so sure.

Somehow, however, even at Ferdel’s words, Princess Tylenia did not budge from the spot. She did not reply to Ferdel but just stared at Caitel, who’s looking at them indifferently. And in the meantime, we had to feel somewhat uncomfortable with the subtle mood between them.

“What brings you back to here, who returned to your country at the request of King?”

“I have something to tell his Majesty.”

“To tell me?”

Caitel frowns. It’s a sign that something isn’t right, and when he frowns so openly, something bad always happens. Something like someone being dragged out, or something like that.

Either way, Princess Tylenia looks back and calls someone. I thought she was out of the ordinary, but she has really a bold personality. Well, you gotta be brave to love a guy like that.

When my father sat still and nodded, Tylenia reached out and sent a very small child out.

“Allow me to introduce you to someone.”

He seems about 4 years old? He was a very small boy.

I’m looking down in amazement, and suddenly he saw me. The child kept clinging to Tylenia and didn’t want to get off of her. But the mere appearance of him alone had already stirred the whole room.

Come to think of it, his hair is red-ish…? I’ve seen that color somewhere.

“This is your son, who I gave birth to, Zayland.”


Caitel’s son…?