Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 241

Chapter 241: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 241


Thus, when I arrived at Estella Palace alone, since I heard that Caitel had already left, it was Ferdel who greeted me first.

Why was my fanatic here?

A peal of the most enthusiastic cheers greeted me. Ugh, his greeting was not that great. Still, Ferdel looked happy when I said hello to him. Ha, this guy was already going bonkers.

“Why are you here?”

In contrast to Ferdel, who welcomed me with open arms, Caitel just stood there. Well, I had no idea who’s father this man was. I felt sorry for his daughter, seriously.

I didn’t really know who his daughter was, but she’s so pitiful that I was sincerely sympathizing with her, and for some reason, Caitel’s never stopped aiming at me. Huh? What’s wrong with him? He usually never cared about how I dressed up.

“Don’t you think I’m so pretty today?”

“Are your eyes all right?”


I wanted to hit him from the bottom of my heart, but I decided to let it go this time with my generosity. Could he still say that he was my dad!? Of course, he’s right, but how could he do that to me? I was pretty in every way! I was beyond pretty!

Yeah, damn it, I had a low standard. So what?

It’s all right. Sob sob. I just needed to be pretty in my eyes.

“Come on, let’s get in.”

It was an unusual little scene as I followed behind Caitel into the hall.

A neat and orderly panorama with the masters dressed in robes. The red drapery stretched out on both sides, and the tree that was holding a diamond was embroidered with gold and silver thread, which was the symbol of the Agrigent. The pillars lined with the spirits of the snow with golden trumpets were carved on it. Although it was considered the winter’s empire, a dark red hue was more commonly seen as a decoration for the interior rather than fresh blue. Nevertheless, I felt a little strange because everything seemed like it was praising its magnificence while the solemn little interior was describing the Agrigent Empire.

“Come on, the princess is this way.”

The top of the throne was for Caitel while at a step below of him in his left. At the right was where Ferdel and I should sit, and the ground was dedicated to the lieges. Assisi was behind him because he was my guardian knight, but I wanted to be in his arms. I didn’t think this was the place that I used to know, although I had been here quite often.