Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 240

“Oh, that’s what you ordered last season.”

“You guessed it. Isn’t it pretty, isn’t it?”

“It does look great on the princess!”

Serira shrugged at Elyne’s praise. Of course, all the clothes I wore were chosen and picked by Serira. Whether it’s everyday clothes or dresses for a party. Perhaps that’s why my clothes were full of Serira’s taste, and every time I saw something so colorful and shiny, it felt even more strange.

‘Look, Serira, all the clothes you wear are the pinnacle of simplicity, right? But what’s wrong with me?’

Whether I was clumsy or not, they had already dressed me up and said I look good in this dress. Well, it was a characteristic of women that felt good when they wore pretty clothes, so of course, I felt good. I didn’t think I would look good in this kind of super fancy dress because my hair color was unique. However, Mom picked the right dress!

“Here, with your hair like this… Elyne, pass me the tiara.”

“Yes, Lady Serira.”

I had my hair tied in half, and I put a platinum tiara on my head, and my figure in the mirror really exemplified the fact that I was a princess. Oh, of course, it was me, after all. It was quite pretty. I always thought I was lovely, but now that I had done this, the gift that was my beauty radiated more.

I was such a blessed creature. Well, look at me, I looked fabulous.

“Assisi, do I look pretty today?”

“Yes, you look beautiful.”



“You really think so?”

“Yes. I really think so.”

With a confident answer, I wrapped my cheeks in my hands because of my sheer happiness.

Of course, he should be confident. There’s no other princess more adorable than I was. I was cute and lovely, so this kind of reaction was natural. Oh, how could it be possible for me to be so pretty?

“Princess, you must have liked your outfit today.”

“Yes, it’s pretty!”

When I smiled brightly and told everyone how much I liked it, the two women smiled happily.

Yeah, this was why they were decorating me. In my previous life, it was hard to look pretty even if I painted myself hard, but it was rewarding to have a good look for even a little decoration would make me shine.

As I looked at myself in front of the mirror, Serira touched my shoulder.

“Come on now, you have to show this to the Emperor, too, right?”

No, I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t think I needed to show that man anything.

However, they still ignored my will today. What a dirty world. I could speak the human language now! I grew up a lot, too, but my opinion would still be ignored. I really should leave this place as soon as possible, ha.