Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 239

I began my day by thinking about how I should put Hasin and Elyne together, so they could be a couple. However, the world wouldn’t allow me to do what I wanted.

“Envoy visiting?”

This was a schedule I had never heard or seen before.

They were so excited because this was the official schedule, which I had never heard of ever. By the way, why did I have to go out when the envoy was coming? When I frowned openly, Serira grabbed my shoulder with a smile.

“It’s a goodwill visit from the Andurus. Their royal family was coming in person, so you have to go see them too.”

“But I don’t want to go out—”

I really didn’t want to go out, but if I didn’t do my work just because I didn’t want to, then I really wouldn’t deserve to be a princess.

Both Serira and Elyne did not worry about me whining because they knew that I would do it eventually. Sure, yeah, I was a bit of an easy woman to deal with, but these guys were too much. Sob sob.

Enough with the whining. Eventually, I acknowledged the reality with some sigh. All I ever did was eat, sleep, and play since I was born, and now, it’s my time to pay it all back. Still, it’s a bit burdensome. I was always scared of going out to a crowded place. I wasn’t like a singer on stage, but I thought I’d never get used to it.

“You have to grow up now, too, Princess! You have to get used to this!”

Elyne kibitzed me while standing by my side. Yeah, she was right, but…

Hey, did he want to try it?

Elyne stepped back as I frown without any word. I just grabbed Assisi, who was beside me. Ugh, sob sob. Assisi, I just wished to live in a comfortable, unnoticed way, but why wouldn’t the world leave me alone? I wonder if Assisi knew the reason why the world wouldn’t leave me alone? Huh. Was it because I was so pretty? Was I really that pretty!?

… I was sorry. I thought I said something that I shouldn’t have said.

“Yes, well, my body is mine, but I don’t own it, so I have to go out.”

If the world wanted me, how could I not answer that call?

Perhaps that’s why the clothes that Serira brought for me were more colorful than usual. A round, dug neckline, elbow-length sleeve, and a chain of beads wrapped around a fluffy sleeve. Bell-lined skirts rose round like bells and fell plump just below my knees. Of course, there was no big decoration on the dress, but the delicate patterns were embroidered, making it so spectacular that no more decorations were needed. Of course, I usually wore fancy clothes, but this was a bit too much. Was there something else to help discourage foreigners?