Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 238

“Is that true?”

… Are you confirm that again? Was that what my dad wanted to say? Must I keep up with that beat that he played? Was that what he wanted? However, I was a woman who did what I was told to do. I was that kind of sensible woman!

“Of course, after all, I love daddy the most in the world!”

“Why did you change your mind when you said you like Assisi better before?”

Did my father still care about that?

That happened for such a long time ago; what a loser. I would say a word in a fit of rage, but I held it in. However, I guessed that he would like to hear that, wouldn’t he? Yeah, he liked to hear his daughter saying how much she liked him the best in the world. Good daddy, good daddy.

Anyway, I was glad he was feeling better, but I would have to nail this in case this happened again.

“And there’s another reason why I’m chasing Hasin!”

“What reason?”

I thought he wouldn’t be interested, but for some reason, he still asked. Thus, I answered him sincerely.

“My maid of honor is in love with Hasin.”

“Really? Then we should have them marry immediately.”

Oh, he didn’t get it.

“Oh, come on!”

When I got annoyed, Caitel looked at me as if he was assessing what was wrong with me. I thought I had a communication problem, but it turned out that my dad was just terrible at speaking with others. Otherwise, there was no way that he wouldn’t understand me! I was using human language now!

“Don’t do anything, Dad! I’ll take care of it! Got it?”

Upon hearing my request, Caitel frowned.

“Why should I listen to you?”

This bastard! Why couldn’t he just listen to me for once! What an obnoxious attitude! He should stop acting like this. Fine, I guess there was no other way. I didn’t want to use this method, but I couldn’t help it because he wouldn’t cooperate.

Look, this was my most reliable trump card!

“If Dad won’t listen to me, I’m going to do high-gag again!”


After hearing a word of my repentance, Caitel closed his mouth. Then, suddenly, he put his hand on my shoulder. What was it? Dad smiled and patted my shoulder before I even knew what’s going on.

“Cheer up, my daughter. I trust you more than anyone.”

What a bastard!