Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 235

Now that spring had come, I felt warm and cozy. Strangely, I felt good these days. I heard that girls get sentimental and restless during spring. Oh, I guessed that I was not a girl.



Serira poured tea into my teacup and spoke anxiously.

“Doesn’t it seem like you’re holding onto the doctor too long?”

I tilted my head as I rolled my hair with my index finger.

“Oh, is that so? Was I inconsiderate?”

“No, it is fine. The main function of the Royal Palace Hospital was to care for the health of the royal family.”

“Oh, really?”

The bright green tea leaves that I am having right now were so much better than other green tea. It was a tea leaf from my dominion, Salerno, and it was in the southern part of the country, so their drinks were really fragrant and delicious. It had a gold mine, a spirit stone mining place, a good crop production, and specialized commodities such as grapes and tea leaves; they were all excellent. My land really was a land of milk and honey. Oh, it’s delicious.

“So, Hasin.”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Do you have any diet pills or anything?”

“… Excuse me?”

My abrupt question seemed to have shocked him. From the look on his face, I didn’t think he didn’t have any, but I couldn’t let go of the anticipation in me…

“I feel like I’m gaining weight these days.”

“Of course, you’ll gain weight for eating like that.”


‘How dare you!’

Elyne pouted after hearing my command. Anyway, that didn’t help me at all in life.

However, Hasin smiled a little as if he found her to be cute. Wow, look at them. Elyne’s face turned red. Someone called the person in her dreams and showed her around to help her out. Why was she so uncooperative with me?

Elyne laughed shyly when Hasin laughed. Oh, I despised this pink mood. I could feel the dirty-couple energy.

“I will look for it.”

“Yes! Be sure to find it!”

I was not just saying for a show, but he really had to find one. My serious look made Hasin smile again. Uh, I was not kidding. I meant it. I was worried that Hasin might think it was a joke, but it was almost dinnertime, and I had to let him go. Of course, I sent Elyne to send him off.