Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 234

Chapter 234: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 234

“It was all exposed because the high-ranking nobles were too excited that the Yultos dynasty could carry their family line. I guess they didn’t think any of them were traitors. Sooner or later, we’ll find out who’s protecting him. Well, they must have been great since the Royal family is the one who can use their sacred treasure.”

A sacred treasure? What was that?

Assisi asks my dad, taking his eyes off the papers.

“I remember that all the Imperial family was executed…”

“I heard it’s a bastard. The maid was its mother.”

“A bastard…”

Somehow, this made Assisi frown, but I couldn’t be sure. Was it just a gut feeling? Dad smiled. It was colder than his usual jeers.

“I pity him for being honored after growing up without knowing anything about how and when the country fell. He’s the prince of a fallen country no matter what.”

He then stroked my hair. Was my hair your toy? Assisi looked down at the document again with a profound expression. It didn’t seem like he’s reading it. It just looked like he was looking at it.

“But Agrigent can’t perfectly conquer Pretzia.”

“I know, so isn’t that the reason why Ferdel is using that kind of policy?”

Oh, it hurt. Caitel was no longer stroking my hair anymore, he’s just pulling it out! I frowned; Caitel then smiled and twisted my hair more. That made my hair more disheveled. ‘Hey!’

“Different cultures mean different races.”

Oh, I asked dad to play with me, not to talk about something so serious. Besides, he’s ruining my hair for no reason! Thus, I just got off my dad’s lap because I felt so disgusted.

“I want to leave.”

Assisi could play with dad. Trying to walk to the door, Caitel grabbed my hair.

Ouch! Hey, jeez, I would really kill this guy!

“Do you just intend to come and go at your own volition?”

“You do that all the time too!”


So? What did he mean by so?! ‘Let go of my hair!’ I tried to pull it out of his hands, but he didn’t even budge even if I used most of my strength. Oh, he’s acting a whole lot like an elementary school student!

“I can do it, but you can’t.”

“Why? It’s not fair!”

I protested, but my father was reckless.

“Because I’m the emperor.”


Oh… was that so?

‘Yes, you must be happy to be an emperor.’

However, I guessed he saw my face that was obviously dumbfounded. After showing off with a brazen look, he turned his eyes and cough in vain. I was genuinely ashamed that this man was my father at that moment. Dad should probably stop going around, telling people that he was my father!

At that moment, Assisi laughed. Why the hell was he laughing?

“Your Majesty is saying he is bored.”

After hearing Assisi’s words, Caitel and I showed a look of shock at the same time.



I turned right around to look at Caitel. Caitel denied everything through his eyes.

“No, I’m not bored.”

However, I wanted to make fun of my dad when he acted out like this. I smiled brightly.

“Oh, dad, so you’re just bored!”

“No. I am not.”

“Dad, do you want me to play with you? Come on, just say it. What do you want to play?”

“Never mind. Go away.”

“No, I’ll play with you. Now, what shall we do?”

When I sat on his lap again, Caitel rejected me. Hey, hey, why was he doing this although I said I’d play with him? What did he want to play? Huh? I giggled as he tried not to die from laughter after seeing the look on his face that says ‘damn it,’ and Assisi, who was watching us for a moment, smiled with a proud look.

“You two have a good relationship.”

What did he just say?

I made a cold face after hearing this, although I was usually a woman who wouldn’t show a sour expression. This was really not it.

“Dad, something’s off about Assisi.”

Caitel answered seriously.

“I agree.”