Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 233

Chapter 233: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 233

“Dad! I’m here!”

Caitel frowned after hearing my voice.

“… What are you doing?”

“Dad, play with me.”

I ran into his arms, and Caitel gave me a blatant look of wonder. Assisi was trying so hard to hold his laugh.

“Don’t laugh!”

I shouted at Assisi, but he only laughed more. When I yelled once more, he finally stopped laughing. It seemed that this unexpected situation still baffled Caitel.

“Why is she doing this?”

“The princess is angry because of the twins.”

“I didn’t get angry!”

Leaning on the Caitel’s lap, I yelled at him, but it didn’t work out. Assisi smiled and patted my head. While looking at that, Caitell put down the papers he had in his hand, grabbed me by the waist, and held me in his arms.

“Anyway, you are here now. Come here.”

It was refreshing to sit on his lap with my back leaning on his arm. Oh, this reminded me of my childhood.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve sat on your lap like this.”

“Is that so?”

“What are those?”

What I was interested in was the scrap of paper that Caitel had put down. The article was littered with strange characters. Was this the language that I had to learn how to read?

“There are signs of rioting in Northern Pretzia. The Prime Minister of South Pretzia is in secret contact with Torre. The Hidden Trail of the Yultos Dynasty appeared. We’re still trying to figure out who’s protecting them. We’re assuming that the former prime minister or the former Chancellor is protecting it.”

As I read all of it clearly, Caitel smiled proudly.

“Now, you can read it well.”

Yeah, well, of course, I can, but was I even allowed to read this? When I finished reading it, I felt uncomfortable because I felt like I learned the information that I wasn’t allowed to learn. As if to represent my feelings, Assisi asked in a discreet voice.

“It’s a classified document of Pretzia.”

… What I just read was classified? Really?

“It just came up. The former emperor left a blood-related family member.”

This? I couldn’t believe it, so I looked back at the paper in my hand. Dad then laughed cynically.

“I thought I wiped them all away.”

The paper passed through dad’s hand and into Assisi. The knight read the lower part of the text that I hadn’t managed to read. His expression was quite grim. I… I wanted to see it too.