Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 232

Chapter 232: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 232

“Come on, boys, get in your father’s arms!”


“Sob sob, sons, daddy is working really hard again today! Since I’m making a lot of money, let’s eat something delicious when we get home!”

“There are more delicious things in the palace!”

These guys…

It’s true, though. The Imperial Palace’s food was so delicious.

As I nodded my head in agreement, Ferdel, who ended the reunion of tears with his sons, finally noticed me.

“Oh my, our princess is here too. How beautiful you are. How can our princess get so cute and lovely every day?”

“… Your eyes are lost. You are scaring me.”

You didn’t have to notice me.

Ferdel tried to hold me in his arms like his sons.

All right, get away! I reached out and pushed his chin out, and Ferdel sobbed and sniffed. Pretending to be pitiful wouldn’t work!

“Dad, let’s play!”

“We want to play with you!”

No matter how young they were, I thought this was still a bit too much. Hey, didn’t the twins see their dad working? I clicked my tongue, calling it useless, but he laughed out loud, wiping his tears.

“Yes, let’s play!”

Huh? What did I hear? ‘Hey, Chancellor, is it really okay for you to do this!?’ Surprise preceded bewilderment. Was he really sane? No, before that…

“Didn’t you guys say you want to play with me?”

“Ria, do you want to join us?”

Sitting in Ferdel’s arms, Sanse asked me coyly. I couldn’t control my temper because his nuance felt like he was permitting me to join them.

“Ha, no, thank you! Stop thinking like you guys were the only ones who have a dad! I also have daddy too!”

Yeah, I had a dad too! My father was even an emperor!

Valer reached out to me, but I swatted away his hand, and I left the Chancellor’s office.

“Let’s go, Assisi!”


I heard Ferdel crying out behind me, but that was not the point!

‘Yeah, don’t you dare think you guys are the only people who have a father. I have my daddy, too!’ I was walking along the hall with my cheeks bulging, and all my servants and maids looked at me. What!? Did they have any problems!?

My father’s office was in Solay, not in Podere. Finding a familiar path, we arrived quickly. Upon arrival, I opened the door of the office widely and entered before the butler could tell him that I was here. Caitel, who was reading the papers, raised his head on my unexpected visit.