Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 231

Chapter 231: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 231

“Oh, it’s the princess.”

“Yes. Jero, what are you doing?”

Jero beamed as he saw me smile. Anyway, I was the princess of this Empire who made even stone Buddha smile. Hold on, now that I had come to think of it, Jero was still not married either. Yeah, he’s a really good man too. Surprisingly, there were many first-class bridegrooms around me.

“I’m delivering the documents to the chancellor.”

“I see.”

Well, what he’s doing was obvious. He spoke the same answer he usually gave, but suddenly, the twins showed up. Valer shouted.

“Are you going to see Dad?!”


Of course, Jero was Ferdel’s aide. He was also Ferdel’s chief aide. Considering that the chief aide could have such a position only after being the first secretary, Jero was considered a high elite. Besides, he was still young, wasn’t he? The future of our Empire was still bright. Oh, I was so proud of him.

Sanse, who was sitting still, raised his hand after hearing Jero’s answer.

“I wanna go too! I want to see my daddy!”

“Me too! Me too!”

These guys should have stayed quiet this whole time. What was wrong with them!

“Hold! Stop doing that! You guys are putting Jero in trouble!”

I tried to calm them down, but the twins were obstinate. Oh, these little bastards! Did they want me to beat them up? Surprisingly, Jero looked calm.

“It’s all right.”


“You can come to the chancellor’s office.”

Heh? Really? He must be kidding.

The twins cheered, which started my day of horror. Graecito adhered to Serira’s style and said no, but at the end of the day, the twins still dragged me along with them.

This was a dream, right? Please tell me this was a dream.

However, my body was already at Podere Palace. The flower of the Palace Podere bloomed. It was, after all, the official residence of the Chancellor, where all political and economic matters in this Empire happened.

We’re really here.

“Oh, my! My sons!”


Passing through the secretary’s office and entering the office of the Chancellor, I could see that Ferdel was working. This was the first time in my life I had seen him sitting at his desk and properly working.

Oh, that’s quite normal. Well, although Ferdel looked like that, he was still the iron chancellor of Agrigent.

Jero put the documents that he was holding on the desk. I thought he’d scold Jero for bringing the kids, but as soon as he saw the twins, Ferdel smiled brightly and welcomed them with open arms.