Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 230

“What kind of man do you like, Ria?”

Instead of discussing it, Sanse suddenly asked that to me. Why did he want to know that all of a sudden? I was wondering, but I couldn’t just move on because even Valer and Cito were looking at me with curiosity. They used to fight like hell, and now they’re sticking together like a gumball.

“A handsome man?”


Well, I should just hang on. Just being handsome wasn’t enough, after all.

“I like a man who is handsome, wealthy, came from a good and noble family, has a lot of abilities, only looks at me and loves me, thinks I’m the best, and agree to whatever I say.”

“You’re looking for a man who doesn’t exist.”

This bastard!

They asked me a question, but then they soon lost their interest and moved on. Yeah, I know! If I wandered around to look for my ideal type, I would end up as an old cat-lady. However, I never wanted to get married if it wasn’t with the right person. Why would I do that? Why would I let go of this freedom and get married!?

Of course, if my dad wanted me to do it, then I had no choice.

The reality was a mess.

“But where is Silvia? Is she doing something else?”

“Oh, my mom is busy.”

Valer answered as he yawned. Was Sil busy? I wondered why Sil was working and not Ferdel.


“There will be guests soon.”


What kind of guests was coming that even a Countess of the Empire was busy? Sanse retorted as if it were nothing.

“There’s going to be a family gathering soon. They come from all over the Empire, even other countries too. That’s why she doesn’t care about us as much as she used to.”

“The nagging also doubled. Don’t get into trouble, don’t fool around, stay calm, study harder…”

Valer pouted. Sanse complained with a sulky expression.

“I don’t like my mom.”

“Me, too.”

Ah-ha, that’s why the twins were in a bad mood today. Somehow, they were always messing around like a beagle, but today, they sat on a chair quietly and just ate their meals and snacks.

You guys looked cuter now that I knew their reasonings. They were sad because their mom wasn’t playing with them anymore?

“Oh, it’s Jero.”


I was sitting in the pavilion, and I looked at someone who was passing by, and I realized that it’s someone I knew. The twins look up straight for Jero. Jero turned back after hearing our voice. Here, over here.