Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 23

“Your daughter is cute. Let me marry her when she grows up.”

What the hell was he talking about? I was clicking my tongue because of Dranste, talking nonsense every day, and hear his scary voice over my head.

“I will kill you.”

… Caitel was serious. Even as I looked up at him, his face was firm. Dranste seemed surprised to see he would act out like this, but then he smiled again.

“Wow, that’s one life at one joke. Go easy.”

Yeah, as he said, he’s gonna die one day, in the hands of Caitel. For that joke.

I went further into Caitel’s arms by giving a glimpse of Dranste’s future. I’d rather be with my father than let that pervert touch my hair. Even though dad treated me like a dog. Yeah, because he’s my dad, and this one smells more familiar.

Two men watch me wiggle in the arms of Caitel.

Didn’t these two have nothing to look at?

I’d really like to get people to pay me for looking at me, but I couldn’t speak. They probably would not understand.

“Cute. Like a rabbit.”

Dranste laughed and said, then Caitel said.

“It’s like a dog.”

‘Oh, look! When the hell am I gonna be human to you, man?’

I was so sad I wanted to shed tears, but Dranste looked at Caitel like he heard something ridiculous.

“A dog? A dog?”

‘Yeah, that dog.’

“That’s a curse, isn’t it?”

… does that sound like a curse?

I gave him a truly pathetic look, but now Dranste didn’t care a bit about me.

That bastard. He thought he’ll eat well and live well without me?!

‘Huh? You live well? Yes, you eat well and live well. Shit, fine.’

“No matter what, she relies on me, wags her tail, and smiles just like a dog. You have a problem with that?”

“Well, I don’t have problem…”

Dranste looks at me with a slightly dazed look.

‘Huh? Why?’

“But she’s your daughter.”


Hmm, well, could anyone explain to me why Dranste was looking at me like he couldn’t handle pettiness? Anyone?

“How can you be such a heartless human being?”


“Calling your daughter a dog. She gets hurt!”

…Oh, why did that lunatic feel normal? What the hell’s going on? Why was Dranste suddenly feeling normal?


I didn’t know if I should like it or not. Then Caitel looked down at me in his arms. He then asked again.


“Yes, hurt!”

Dranste argued furiously.

“You must have been hurting her tender heart. Treating her like a dog! Right, Leah?”

He put his hand on my head. It was natural, so I didn’t feel odd to the action, but Caitel did. From the very moment Dranste’s hand touched my head, he warned, with a stiff expression.

“Take that hand off.”

Hw then removed his hand without mercy. Not only Dranest, but I was a little surprised.

Oh, my. Daddy, what’s wrong with you today?

“I said I will kill you.”

“Wow, you’re col…”

However, Dranste was unable to finish his word. With the sword Caitel had summoned in his hand, he pointed at Dranste’s neck, who was trying to reach out to me again.

“Get your hands off my daughter.”

Ah, now I knew when he called me my princess, and when he called me my daughter. I sighed secretly.

Dranste, on the contrary, muttered in an absurd voice.

“… Is that your father or your master?”

Well, I thought about it and answered quietly.

‘Maybe a madman?’

The Great Agregiant Empire.

When I heard it, I thought it was just so, but after seeing the lights lit up for the night of the palace and the sweet melody of the band that captivated my ears and the people in various forms of robes wandering around, I felt a little strange. Yeah, it’s a lot weirder than I thought.

“My Princess, all done.”

Serira grasps my eye. She’s been debating passionately with Elene for about three hours about how to make my hairstyle, but they had finally come to a conclusion.

They placed the mirror placed in front of me.

I stood in front of it, pressing my little hand against a slight throbbing breast.


P, pretty!

That was the first impression I saw myself in the mirror. Well, of course, I said I was lovely and pretty, but this was more than I imagined.

Caitel, that crazy bastard, he said I looked like a dog when he saw this face. Did he want to know what a real dog looked like?

Oh my, so pretty. Oh my gosh.

“Uh, petty!”

When I looked up and saw Serira, she laughed. She brought the hand that held the mirror closer. I reached out and held the frame of the mirror.

The silver hair, with a pale reddish color, was a silver hair from Caitel. It glows with silver, but it had a delicate red. I couldn’t believe it was actually human hair. Crimson eyes resembled him, too, as it reminded me of Caitel saying it was so red it made him feel uncomfortable.

His remark was true when he said I didn’t look like my mother to the point of unpleasantness. I was the daughter of Caitel, by all accounts.

Look at this chubby cheeks.

gazed into the mirror with a moisturizing look as if they would shed tears soon. Her cheeks and petal lips were cute and dainty.

Wow, so pretty.

“The princess must have fallen for herself in the mirror.”

“I know. I would have shown her the mirror earlier if I knew she would like it so much.”

Yeah, you should have. I was so pretty.

God seemed to have granted my wish to be born again as Kim Tae-Hee (Korean Actress). Wait, no Kim Tae-Hee. I think I was beautiful as much as her.

Oh, of course, that 16th year was waiting for me, but I wouldn’t be daunted! I would be fine. Right?

I was a little nervous about this.

“Princess, look at this. Wasn’t this pretty?”

“Petty, pretty!”

What Elene said was a small crown on my head.

A very small crown, the size of my hand. The golden crown on the baby pink veil was truly adorable.

It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime wish for me to wear a tiara since I died without marrying, but I was making this wish come true as a baby.

Yes, I decided to appreciate this life of being born as a princess in this empire with only twenty percent. Thank you, God. I love you! It’s not because this crown was so pretty.

“Now, let’s go to the Emperor. He must be waiting.”

Elene waved her hand to me. I waved her hand back. Then she had a big smile. Her appearance must have annoyed me if it was the usual.

However, I am in a good mood right now.

Serira was wearing a good outfit for the first time. Her pale blond hair rolled down, and her ever-pale face looked alive with little makeup. She looked so different than usual, dressed up in a moderately simple dress instead of her usual modest outfit.

If she looked like this, she looked beautiful.

The birthday celebration will be held in Lunare Palace, which was built for events. However, fortunately, it wasn’t that far from the Solay palace. In addition, Solay Palace and Lunare Palace also had separate connecting bridges.

Being an emperor was convenient, what with all the palaces.

“May you reach Evangelium.”

Near the bridge, Serira had to bow first. It was quite a long way off, but the speed at which Caitel walked was completely different from mine.

Ugh, that monster.

I had to get out of the comfort of Serira again because of Caitel, who really stood in front of me in a flash.

Oh, I hated it.

Now, I should get used to him, but he was really someone I couldn’t get used to. Damn it.

I guessed I was Hong Gil-Dong in my previous life. No, not a previous life. Maybe one of my previous lives, it was Hong Gil-Dong.

I looked at Caitel with a sullen look on his face.

Caitel’s red eyes were colder than ever.