Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 229 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 229

“So, how was that guy when you actually met him?”

Sanse’s eyes sparkled as if he was excited. I ate a spoonful of yogurt ice cream in front of me.

“He was pretty good. Most of all, he’s not a weird guy.”


I was talking about Hasin. I thought they wouldn’t be interested in it, but the kids were already so involved in other’s love stories and enthusiastic about it. Once they came to me, they were already asking about what happened to my handmaiden. Thus, I told them the things that occurred yesterday and the day before that. While listening to me, Sanse’s eyes were especially more enthusiastic.

I was putting my spoon in my mouth when Valer went a little wild with a look of excitement. Most of all, the twins seemed to be most surprised that my score was generous.

“Ria said he was fine!”

“He must be a really nice guy!”

… What kind of image did I usually give?

Even Cito, who was sitting beside them, nodded his head in agreement. Oh, these little bastards! I frowned faintly, but the children didn’t care. Damn it. These bastards should mind their own businesses!

“So uncle, you decided to help her, too?”

Valer looked at Assisi and asked.

Assisi flinched a bit after seeing my gaze, but I relinquished it peacefully. The story of him crying out of fear that I would get married was also a secret to my father too. I was the only one who knew about it and teased him for the rest of my life!

“Yes, Assisi said they look good together.”

“Sanse thinks they look good together too!”

“Valer also thinks that too!”

The twins raised their hands and shouted. Beside them, Cito nodded slightly.

“I think the same too.”

How cute these guys were.

I wanted to pinch their cheeks, but I put up with it. Oh, I was a kid too, but I didn’t know why these kids looked so lovely.

Before I knew it, Valer already exclaimed with a solemn look.

“Okay! Then we’re going to support Ria’s handmaiden!”

“Yes, we will!”

“Me, too.”

How did we end up forming Elyne’s love-supporting society?

It was also a secret supporting society, even she didn’t know about it. No, I didn’t remember saying that I accepted Hasin as Elyne’s partner. However, it was also troublesome to stop these children who were already planning to do such things.

Oh, I didn’t know anymore. I just took my hands off from them and finished eating my ice cream, yum yum.