Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 228

I rolled over the ground laughing after hearing this sudden misunderstanding. How could Assisi make me want to make fun of him more even when I wasn’t thinking of making fun of him? Assisi looked devastated after seeing my reaction. Somehow he looked embarrassed too.

“Oh, actually, about that…”

I mean, that was… Oh, it was driving me crazy.

“Yes, I like Hasin!”


Assisi was astonished after hearing my dignified answer with his mouth wide. I was dying of laughter because of his shocked look. That’s why I was becoming such a mean person. Seeing Assisi, who could not speak, I seriously thought that a person should not be as pure as this.

Oh, I couldn’t just let him be alone. Assisi, I really needed to protect him.

“I think he’s a good friend.”

“… Excuse me?”

Assisi tilted his head a little with a questioning expression after hearing my reaction.

Now, as if he understood, his face turned red. I laughed again at him as he struggled to hide his shame. Oh, this was way too funny.

Once I started laughing and dying of laughter, Assisi tried to run away. Oh, no, no, he couldn’t just run away from this! I stopped laughing and barely grabbed Assisi. Oh, I was almost choking with laughter that I thought I would surely die.

“This is a secret. Assisi, you can’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

Assisi nodded solemnly upon my request.

Yeah, that’s right.

I looked around and pulled Assisi’s arm to see if anyone could eavesdrop. Assisi stooped.

“Eylne likes Hasin. That’s why I wanted to see him in person to figure out if he is a good man. If he is a weirdo, then I have to get rid of him quickly.”

“W-was that so?”


As if he was relieved now, Assisi looked visibly relieved. The expression on his face made me realize once again just how cute this man was. How could an adult be cuter than me? This was a scam.

“Were you afraid I’d marry him, Assisi?”


“Oh, really?”

I asked jokingly, but he seemed to be serious. He nodded his head with a grim expression on his face.

“Yes, I was worried.”

… He was so serious that I couldn’t play any tricks on him.

Still, it was fortunate that the misunderstanding was resolved.

“Now that you know why I’m doing this, will you help me?”

Once I reached out my hand, Assisi softly held it. He then kissed the back of my hand.

“I will do my best to help you.”