Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 226

Chapter 226: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 226

If his mother lived from another country, then if he married Elyne, would it mean that there was no reason for her to go to another country? I showed a friendly smile while thinking if I should examine this part.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Excuse me?”

‘Don’t be surprised. You’re between all the people who know what’s going on. Haha.’

“Oh, no. I don’t have it.”

“What is your hobby?”

Serira sighed from the side. Mom already knew what I was doing, although I didn’t tell her. Ss soon as I asked her to call the doctor, she ordered Elyne to run a few more errands to distract her. She indeed was my mother.

“Do you like mountain climbing? What about gambling? Oh, do you have any drinking habits?”

What else should I ask?

Before I asked him questions as if I was taking the census, I looked at him while wondering if I could leave our Elyne with him, but Hasin suddenly changed his expression and responded to my gushing questions calmly.

“I don’t have drinking habits. I also don’t do gambling or climbing. My hobby is gardening. Do you have any more questions?”

Uh oh, this man was pretty good.

“P, Princess.”

Instead, it was Assisi who was standing beside me, who felt embarrassed. He grabbed me with a confused look.

‘It’s okay, Assisi. Everyone has to go through this once in their lifetime.’

Anyway, I assumed he would be more embarrassed and thought, ‘why is this little child doing this to me?’ and suffered in confusion and fear, but it was a bit of a surprise that he came to his senses soon. Okay, so he was smarter than I thought, huh?

“What are you looking for in a girl?”

As expected, this question must have been too straightforward for him.

Serira, Assisi, and even Hasin, who was in front of him, all looked surprised. I smiled with remorse. That’s right.

“You like a pretty girl, too, right? Men are all the same. Am I right?”

Yeah, men would only have a crush with a girl based on two Principles: 1, she is pretty, and 2, there’s no other principle. After all, if she’s beautiful, then they’re. I guessed that even Hasin could not answer this question quickly. I felt a sense of victory as I kept asking him.

“Do you like a woman who talks a lot? How about a cute girl? Do you prefer a daughter or a son if you have children?”

“I would like to have a daughter. I’d rather have a daughter who looks like a princess.”

He would avoid awkward questions, but he would bite easy ones like this in a flash. He didn’t have such a sour first impression on me.